News from GFI affiliates in other nations


Nepal Ministry Trip


GFI’s Director in east Africa, Charles Ambaka, is returning to Nepal. Please lift this ministry trip up in prayer. He writes,

“The Lord in His way again has provided family friends here who have committed themselves to facilitate another Training trip to the Himalayas… I have been in communication with a Couple that I met in 2012 and who represent Campus Crusade in Nepal. Their lives have continued to yearn for my return trip there. I have also asked Pastor Timothy Aryal to bring other Churches and Ministries on board so that I can use this trip as a spring board to the neighboring Countries. My travel date is 21st of February to arrive in Kathmandu the following day. It will be a very intensive trip that will involve Trek Evangelism on one of the Himalayas. I plan to be back on the 3rd of May.

Peter leading a conference in Romania

Ministry in Romania

Peter leading a conference in Romania

Peter leading a conference in Romania

An update from pastor Peter Mihent

This year I have had the opportunity to organize five conferences: three of them in Romania, one in Seattle, United States and the other one in Great Britain where there are Romanian communities. We still continue training Christian leaders and pastors in Romania to do counseling for their communities. One of this centers is in Brasov were we have 12 students, and one in Suceava where there are 20 students.

Fermata in Brazil

Fermata Events in Brazil


A “Fermata” retreat/clinic for pastoral couples was held February 1-3 in Triunfo, Brazil. John taught two sessions the first afternoon: Self-life to Christ- life (wheel diagrams) and the Daily Cross (a grace perspective on Luke 9:23). His interpreter, pastor Thiago, is a kindred spirit with excellent English skills. Linda shared her testimony in the evening meeting. Team leader, Edmund Spieker, gave the introductory session.

Thursday was a full and fruitful day. John had the privilege of teaching two sessions in the morning. The first was about identification with Christ (the Line diagram); the second was on Egypt / Wilderness / Canaan (four phases of discipleship/counseling). There was a third morning session and an afternoon session on leadership and conflict resolution. After supper there was a presentation about TransWorld Radio.
On Friday morning there were breakout sessions with the men and women meeting separately. Linda spoke to the ladies, then Ursula gave her testimony and presented the Castle message via PowerPoint. In the pastors’ group Edmund, Luciano and John took turns speaking. John’s segment was on how to have and give a three Cross testimony. The retreat concluded with an hour long testimony time where the participants each shared what God has done in their lives during the Fermata.
The team’s next Fermata is scheduled for February 6-8 in Caruaru (also in the northeast region). Thank you for your interest and prayers for this ministry to leaders in Brazil. To God be the glory!

Teaching in Canada

Grace Connections in British Columbia


“The Greatest Life” seminar

Rob and Dottie Clogg have completed their first year of ministry in Canada. Located in Vancouver, the ministry has focused on mentoring leaders and counseling by referral. A one day introduction to the exchanged life titled “The Greatest Life” has been held in homes in order for hosts to invite friends, neighbors and family to attend. This informal, interactive format in smaller groups is preferred by many.
In the upcoming months, regular “Grace Connect” evenings are planned to have fellowship around the themes of the cross and Christ as Life. The first event in April was attended by 17. The impact of a few has already been multiplied as friends and family have also been reached.


Grace Counseling India Update

A report:

We grieve the passing of Mr. S. B. Jacob and Mr. Varkey M. Cherian; both were living in Chennai, our former Board Members for a long time. Jacob was also the Editor of Grace Counselor from 1989-2008.GCI_MUT

John Z., Deepak R., Cherian Z., and Mrs. Mary Philip (Chennai/Delhi) presented a second program in Missionaries Upholders Trust from March 9-11. The events there were very challenging exposures and of deeper experience for the participants.

Potential ministries

These events opened new doors through the missionaries who attended the Seminars from different States. We have invitations to conduct programs in Trichy, Nagercoil, and Gujarat through these programs. We have invitations and possibilities of running ELS and Training Programs in Chennai (through Capt. Cherian Thottathil, GCI Board member & Mary Philip), in Bangalore (Through Alumni Immanuel & Myra Theodore as well as my son Joesam John Zachariah) and in Mysore (through Mrs. & Mr. Mohana Krishnan, in Delhi (through EGF including my son Joezac John Zachariah & Mary Philip), in Mumbai, Pune and North East India through our EGF friends.

Current Series at GCI Centre

 in Kerala

i) ELS from 13th to 16th April at GCI Centre, Kottayam. Expected participants 15
ii) First Phase First Module Training Institute from 13th to 19th April.
iii) Second Phase First Module Training Institute from 13th to 19th April.
iv) ELS for South Kerala Diocese of STECI (as a follow-up of the Vagamon Conference last year) from 21st to 23rd April.

Cherian Zachariah in full time ministry

The GCI Board has appointed Mr. Cherian Zachariah to work full time along with his church and local responsibilities and on payment of a monthly allowance. He takes care of the GCI Centre in the Administration and Management with the assistance of Deepak Ranganathan. GCI invites contributions for the financial support of personnel and other programs at the Centre.


New Ministry in Canada

canadaTwo years ago Rob and Dottie joined the Grace Fellowship ministry team. Rob’s leadership has steered the course for a future vision to equip and empower front-line workers. The monthly e-letter has been one of his personal projects. The GFI board has supported his vision, projects and ministry while he was still living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

A few month ago Rob and Dottie moved back to Canada where they have lived for most of their lives. Looking at this as an opportunity, the board has commissioned Rob to launch a new division of GFI. This new division will be called Grace Fellowship Canada (GFC). Rob will continue to serve as an important team member under the GFI umbrella and he looks forward to closely collaborating with the board and staff on this initiative and future projects. Those who have received Grace Fellowship training and/or use our resources are invited to contact Rob and help cultivate the new British Columbia-based ministry.  You can follow his blog articles at

Edmund, Humberto, John & Luciano

Triunfo, Brazil Event

Edmund, Humberto, John & Luciano

Edmund, Humberto, John & Luciano

Early Sunday morning, Sept. 27th, we flew to the northeast area of Brazil (Recife), then caught an overnight bus ride west to Triunfo. Our team for that Fermata included pastor Luciano (an apprentice from Curitiba).  Leaders drove in from three Brazilian states; that region has suffered from a devastating drought. But, there is also a spiritual famine there and here (Amos 8:11).  The SESC hotel hosted of the retreat which was held Tuesday – Thursday.

The participants were so appreciative. One young lady (who had been hindered by emotional struggles) was so enthusiastic about the teaching that she testified of having trouble sleeping the previous night! She was basking in the message of our union with Christ. A pastor confided in me of his desire to develop his counseling ministry to families. We pray God will use the fellowship, messages, literature and CDs to maximize the Fermata experience in their lives and ministries.


Curitiba, Brazil Event

[from John Woodward]

The Lord blessed the Curitiba Fermata for pastors and lay leaders last week. About 65 attended from 10 churches.


My interpreter on Thursday, Peter, took his new copy of Portuguese Handbook to Happiness to work on Friday. (He serves as a chaplain at a nursing home.) A Catholic nun saw the book and was intrigued by the title and diagrams, so he gave it to her…We pray God will use the fellowship, messages, literature and data CDs to maximize the Fermata experience in their lives and ministries.

Our team for this week’s Fermata is Edmund, Ursula (his sister), pastor Luciano (an apprentice from Curitiba) and myself. On Sunday we had a couple of flights and landed at Recife (northeast). After a few hours our team took a bus (a nice coach) on a 6 hour overnight ride west to Triunfo. Once we arrived at SESC retreat center, it was a welcome sight. The 30 couples (from 4 surrounding states) are due to arrive today. Please pray for us, my sessions and the one who will interpret for me.

Edmund’s wife, Marli, was with us for the Curitiba event, but has meetings this week for the international TransWorld Radio program she directs–Project Hannah.

Thanks for your interest and prayers.


Outreach in Philippines

This email was received this morning from the Philippines. The new Maguindanaoan translation of the Wheel & Line tract will be printed this weekend.  Please pray for tract distribution and training of the Muslim Tribal Group Leaders. The PDF of this translation is here.


“Beloved Dr. Chuck,

…Our proofreaders said, [the wheel and line tract is a clear Maguindanaoan translation, even kids could understand the message of wheel and Line in Maguindanaoan (Muslim) language… Praise God, thank you so much for continued prayer. I believe this time is Harvest Time. My Plan for distribution is this coming June 26-27. First, we will gather the Muslim Tribal Groups Leaders here in Davao Region, we will have orientation first about its content . Then we will equip them with prayers and truths from the wheel and Line tracts. The next step is house to house evangelism and as the Lord will reveal strategies thru His Word, backed up with deep and intense prayer.…This Saturday the printing begins,

I came from that [conservative Muslim] bloodline, But I believe Zech. 4:6: “‘not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD.'” By the Grace of God, I pray every day that all the Muslims here in Philippines will open their eyes to the Truths that will bring them to Jesus our Lord and Savior.

God bless and [provide] more Power!

In His love and Prayers,
Aslerado and Maribel Lumimpa
Grace Fellowship Int’l in Muslim Mindanao
Panabo City, Philippines “