Mission to Nepal

Update from GFI missionary in east Africa:

It gives me great pleasure in writing just before I depart for Nepal to a ministry program that I believe will open up the Asia Continent for further ministry in the days that lie ahead.

The Lord has continued to glorify Himself in the ministry this end with numerous lives being transformed in Counseling sessions and from the Pulpit. To testify just a little of a young widow that the husband passed on and left her pregnant. After the burial of her husband she was rejected by her in-laws. After fruitless attempts for peace and reconciliation she sought for spiritual support from me. As the only single daughter to a her mother life suddenly had taken a turn for the worse and she was not sure if her pregnancy was going to pull through. I shared with her about the need of resigning all to the Lord and embracing her new identity in Christ. She willing surrendered and what followed was tremendous peace that she had not known. Last month she gave birth to twins a baby girl and boy-Hallelujah! She called me at the Hospital asking that I go dedicate the babies to the Lord before anyone else could lay their hands on them. There was a lot of joy and celebration and the Lord continues to do amazing work in her life each new day. I visited with her this week and she and the babies are doing pretty well. She knows and testifies that the Lord is a defender of the widows and will finally vindicate her by carrying through the storm.

…I’m currently ministering to well known media personalities from Kenya’s largest Media Group. Upon my return from Nepal I will participate in ministering to their Staff during their time of Devotion. I presented a Bible to one of them and he later text me and said it was the first time he was receiving a Bible as a gift and was not ashamed to read and carry it all over including his office. This a man that interviews Heads of States and other high placed Persons from different Nations including Kenya. I see the Lord bringing many of them into the Kingdom.

Time has finally come for me to depart for Nepal on the 28th of November. A lot has been put in to enable me get to that nation and back to which am first grateful to the Lord, to the GFI family, and all our Supporters. Am in touch with Pastor T____ who senses that the Lord will visit His people. I sense the same as I pray, read, and do my physical exercise because my final will entail doing Trek Evangelism on the Himalayas. I trust that we will have internet services so that I file all that will be taking place there.

The Lord richly bless you all in ways that will daily amaze all of us. Receive lots of love from us all. -“Westin”



Photos of November Training Events

We thank the Lord for His blessing on the Conference, Workshop, and Institute in Tennessee Nov. 2-10, 2012. A photo album of the activities is online here: http://gfiworld.shutterfly.com/pictures/940

The Indwelling Christ

This video is an exposition of Colossians 1:27. Dr. Dale Ellenburg, pastor of First Baptist Church, Pigeon Forge, TN gave this lecture at a Grace Fellowship International Institute on November 9, 2012. http://vimeo.com/53560392