Online audio

Six dynamic messages by Dr. Phil Jones have been posted to Grace Fellowship’s online audio channel. This series is on The Power of the Cross.

In Christ,
I am Redeemed and Forgiven
I am Justified
I am Reconciled and Regenerated
I am Loved and Accepted
I am Predestined
I am Victorious


Grace Fellowship Board Meetings

We appreciated having our board meet for prayer and planning April 18,19th. Hans Haun (of the Knoxville area) became a new member. He will be developing the ministry’s internet outreach, especially through enhanced videos and social media.

A revised purpose statement:
“Grace Fellowship International encourages ministries to succeed by helping leaders live victoriously and counsel effectively.”

Please intercede that we would be good stewards of this message and ministry and that God would lead us to the most receptive ministries and leaders.CIMG2399

left to right: Dan, Peter, Chuck, Bob, Hans and John

Brazil Fermatas Completed

The Lord blessed to Fermata pastoral care retreats in Brazil April 5-7 and 9-11, 2013. Pictures of the events have been posted to the GFI photo gallery:


Brazil Pastors’ Retreats


John Woodward will again be joining missionary leader, Edmund Spieker, to co-teach two “Fermata” spiritual clinic retreats in Brazil. These events are for pastoral couples to get away for rest, fellowship, and equipping. They are being held in Gramado and Lageado, Rio Grande do Sul (southeastern area), April 5-7 and April 9-11, 2013.

The pastors receive Handbook to Happiness (Portuguese translation) and a CD of other Exchanged Life resources. Intercession for this trip and those involved would be appreciated.

Photo from a previous Fermata: