Testimony: Grace Awakening

We greet you in the Name of our Saviour, Friend,Brother and Bridegroom! It pleased FATHER to reveal HIS SON in us about 5 years ago. He used Piet du Toit and last year HE continued HIS work through Hendrik and Nehlsie du Bruto who took us through the Exchanged Life seminar. We started to go through the seminar again at our cell group when they left, and we are doing it for the second time…drinking the truth and the SPIRIT OF TRUTH is ‘de-programming’ and ‘reprogramming’ us so that Romans 12:2 works in us, and Galatians 2:20 becomes our daily walk.

So many things have fallen into place. The HOLY SPIRIT is revealing CHRIST IN us and illuminating HIS LIFE IN us…HALLELUJAH! We are doing the internship at Curare institute, and while we are changed, FATHER uses us by CHRIST living through us. We thank FATHER for capturing your heart and the way HE has taken hold of Dr Solomon.

A. and A. (South Africa)

(from In Christ Jesus, by A.T. Pierson)

New Jersey Conference

On September 20,21 Grace Christian Church sponsored an Exchanged Life Conference. About 35 gathered at the Radisson hotel conference room in Freehold, New Jersey on Friday night and the Chinese American Bible Church on Saturday for the event.

John Woodward was the main presenter. GFI field staff, Joe and Cherri Freeman, participated and shared their testimonies. Pastor Don Steve taught a session on Romans 6 and also shared his testimony of how he was led to the Cross of identification with Christ. It was also good to see GFI alumni Jeff & Lorie Barbieri (NJ), Frank & Cindy Ruperto (Brooklyn), and Jim Freed (Americas Keswick).

Seminar at Grace Counseling India

Faculty: Prof. P. P. Thomas, Dr. Alex Mathew, Prof. John Zachariah & Mr. Cherian Zachariah

The participants shared as follows:

A new understanding about Abundant Life and what my role in attaining it, the areas of correction needed; Need to die to self to have Christ as my life.

Realization of the rejection experiences helped to understand how we can come out of it through the acceptance we have in Christ and also helped to understand others with sympathy and care rather than critical about them.

The study of the word of God is basic to the walk in the newness of life. Abundant life was never a subject of concern in my Christian life.
We are drawn to accept counseling ministry for our future life after experiencing the exchanged life in this seminar.

The personal experience (shared by a faculty member) exposed the message of Rom.8:28 as real in my life. We see only limited and the present whereas God knows the end at the beginning. His ways are mysterious. So we can trust Him even when we may feel that the present situations are not appreciable or even hard.

I am no more to live for Christ but allow Christ to live and work through me for His glory.

Many of my decisions were self-centered. Now I realize that Christ-centered decisions will lead me to abundant life. I need to crucify my flesh to be in His will. Decided to exchange self-life for Christ-life. I want God to intervene in my life when I fail and Him to take control of my life when I happen to take it from Him.

God has brought me here for a special purpose; though I had no definite goal in attending the seminar. Love is for giving it to others as Jesus gave us and never to expect return from the recipients. Abundant life was a new thought – I never had any idea of it. I want to live in His perfect will in the life ahead. Pray for my future steps

I have now great faith that God wants me to have abundant life. Identification with Christ in his death, burial and resurrections was new to my understanding.

Problems and difficulties in life are meant for deeper Christian life. I received a better perspective about Christian life. I dedicated to live in His will for the rest of my life. I want to be filled with the grace of God for my life ahead.
Self-affirmation of God refining us through problems. I am reminded of justification by grace

-John Zachariah