Ministry in Colombia

Here is an update from Dr. Dan Riley in Bogota:

“We are seeing a great response. They’ve got me pretty busy. Between conferences they line up counseling appointments! Whew. We start about 8:00 in the morning and go late into the night but usually get a little break in the afternoon for lunch. Everyone is very gracious, it’s been good to be with our friends again.  Too much to share but I’ll tell this one thing –  for the CENFOL conference (ALL day Sunday)… a group of nuns have established a mission to reach the prostitutes of Bogota. In doing that they have hired five professional counselors/social workers… Well, they are all coming (with some of the prostitutes) to the Sunday conference. Most of them aren’t Christians. This should an be interesting group to say the least(!); nuns, social workers and prostitutes along with the church members and folks from the community. 🙂

Let’s intercede for this mission trip!

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