GFI Workshop Held

GFI workshop_11_15

Participants in the November 2015 Workshop held in Pigeon Forge, TN

The Workshop puts into practice the knowledge gained at the Exchanged Life Conference. This module uses lectures, demonstration, and “hands on” training for Christ-centered counseling/discipleship. This module is the second of three required for certification in Exchanged Life Counseling. See the Workshop page here. Photos of autumn activities are at our gallery site here.

Spiritual Autism: The Cross Perspective

by Rob Clogg


… The artist [of this image] is a parent of an autistic child. During that child’s development, the parents discovered that learning occurs best when a child not only hears something, but sees it. The leader developed artistic skills as a result. Her drawing is a very simplistic but candid picture that helped her gain a little more perspective on the topic I was addressing at the conference.

The artist heard my presentation about the insufficiency of our self-sufficiency. We were never designed to live out of our own resources regardless of how capable we see ourselves or how much we have successfully accomplished. Life is not about living with Christ’s help but about Christ’s very life living through us. Only Christ’s life in us ‘is’ sufficient for the life situations we find ourselves in…. continue reading at his blog here.

Video Testimony: GFI Africa

Pastor Charles Ambaka serves as Director of Africa with Grace Fellowship International. He testified of his spiritual journey and international ministry on November 8, 2015.  This was recorded at First Baptist Church, Pigeon Forge, TN.

Testimony of Charles Westin Ambaka on Vimeo.

Exchanged Life Conference

An Exchanged Life conference was held Pigeon Forge, TN was held November 6,7. We are thankful for those who attended and the testimonies of appreciation. The next local one is schedules for March 4,5, 2016. To inquire about hosting one in your area, please contact John Woodward.

Exchanged Life Conference group - Pigeon Forge, TN. Nov, 2015

Exchanged Life Conference group – Pigeon Forge, TN. Nov, 2015

Bob’s Desk Interview

Thanks to Bob Denney of Creative Christian Network for inviting John in last week for an interview for his half hour internet radio/tv program, “Bob’s Desk”.