Celebrating Christ’s Birth

The team at Grace Fellowship wishes everyone a merry and meaningful Christmas. Here is a relevant video from Igniter Media:

Bob’s Desk Interview


Video of Bob Denney and John Woodward at Creative Christian Network

Thanks to Bob Denney of Creative Christian Network for inviting John in for an interview for his half hour internet radio/tv program. It is also on YouTube here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqYl99K_XxI

Online Course Developments

This month we initiated a process of upgrading the GFI Diploma in Biblical Counseling curriculum. These have been traditional self-study-by-mail correspondence courses. As interest has grown in internet-based instruction, we have seen the need to make these primarily delivered online.

online_course_logoWe have renamed the free Udutu powered courses as Discipleship Courses. The tuition-based courses are categorized as Diploma Courses (although they can be taken for individual enrichment, even if the diploma is not the primary objective.)

A revised Course Enrollment page streamlines the application process through linking the student to the GFI store, where the course tuition is paid, and providing a form to request any additional required books.

Under the Course Pages menu, each course will have a password-required landing page with the PDF syllabus, instructions, online content, and other helps. Next to the Course Page will be the password-required Exam Page where the concluding exam is taken online. Please send us any feedback or questions about this transition