Grace Counseling India Update

A report:

We grieve the passing of Mr. S. B. Jacob and Mr. Varkey M. Cherian; both were living in Chennai, our former Board Members for a long time. Jacob was also the Editor of Grace Counselor from 1989-2008.GCI_MUT

John Z., Deepak R., Cherian Z., and Mrs. Mary Philip (Chennai/Delhi) presented a second program in Missionaries Upholders Trust from March 9-11. The events there were very challenging exposures and of deeper experience for the participants.

Potential ministries

These events opened new doors through the missionaries who attended the Seminars from different States. We have invitations to conduct programs in Trichy, Nagercoil, and Gujarat through these programs. We have invitations and possibilities of running ELS and Training Programs in Chennai (through Capt. Cherian Thottathil, GCI Board member & Mary Philip), in Bangalore (Through Alumni Immanuel & Myra Theodore as well as my son Joesam John Zachariah) and in Mysore (through Mrs. & Mr. Mohana Krishnan, in Delhi (through EGF including my son Joezac John Zachariah & Mary Philip), in Mumbai, Pune and North East India through our EGF friends.

Current Series at GCI Centre

 in Kerala

i) ELS from 13th to 16th April at GCI Centre, Kottayam. Expected participants 15
ii) First Phase First Module Training Institute from 13th to 19th April.
iii) Second Phase First Module Training Institute from 13th to 19th April.
iv) ELS for South Kerala Diocese of STECI (as a follow-up of the Vagamon Conference last year) from 21st to 23rd April.

Cherian Zachariah in full time ministry

The GCI Board has appointed Mr. Cherian Zachariah to work full time along with his church and local responsibilities and on payment of a monthly allowance. He takes care of the GCI Centre in the Administration and Management with the assistance of Deepak Ranganathan. GCI invites contributions for the financial support of personnel and other programs at the Centre.