Overcoming the Fear Pandemic

Our ministry associate, Dr. Lewis Gregory wrote this article on having a faith-based response to the coronavirus crisis:

The COVID-19 has resulted in worldwide turmoil and panic. It is hard to imagine that a microscopic virus has turned the world upside down. The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, and the severity of this virus is still uncertain. To be sure, there have been other pandemics and natural disasters that were more devastating, but this one seems to have resulted in a ripple effect that has virtually shut down the entire world. Keep in mind that a “pandemic” is an epidemic that has spread worldwide. Thus, the word pandemic is used because the Coronavirus has now spread across the world. This does not necessarily mean the virus is deadly, although some have died and others will probably continue to die.

These pandemics normally run their course in a number of months. However, the devastation to the world’s economy from the Coronavirus will take much longer to recover, and the cost will be enormous. This is just part of the death and destruction that the Bible warns us about when it says that the wages of sin is death. This death includes much more than just the physical death from the Coronavirus. Death involves loss, which comes in many forms: financial, mental, emotional, etc. Jesus predicted such horrific events would come upon the world. “People will faint from fear and expectation of the things that are coming on the world, because the powers of the heavens will be shaken” (Luke 21:26).

The COVID -19 has caused people to become fearful and panic-stricken. Therefore, many people are losing control, running scared and becoming very confused. Far more people have been stricken with panic than have actually contracted the virus. More and more people worldwide have become panic-stricken. They are very frightened and worried about the present situation. As a result, many are unable to think clearly or act reasonably. In fact, a growing number of people are too frightened to think or act normally. They have been overcome with panic. As a result, irrational thinking, erratic behavior, and bizarre actions are escalating. This is a recipe for disaster.

Here are some recent examples. A young mother reported the following that occurred on 3/13/2020. “A woman in the grocery store just pushed me and sent my cart rolling away with my young child in it, as she shouted, “DO YOU MIND?!” To further illustrate this bizarre behavior, many stores are selling out of even the most basic products. People are stockpiling everything they can get their hands on. And of course, price gouging is on the rise. A friend shared this from 3/10/2020 “This photo below is from the toilet paper aisle in our local Walmart. The bleach aisle looked just the same. I don’t get it! Why a run on toilet tissue? This is not doomsday! Good grief!”

Becoming panic-stricken can be much more severe than the actual effects of the coronavirus. But it need not be so. Instead, you can turn to the Lord and cast all your cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7). When the Lord is your Shepherd, you will fear no evil (Psalm 23:4). When your life is founded upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ, you will be able to remain steadfast and unmovable amidst these unsettling circumstances (1 Corinthians 15:58). Jesus Christ will counteract the fear and panic with His perfect peace and rest. He will replace the “spirit of fear” with His very own presence of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). He will cause you to think clearly, empower you to do right, and motivate you with His unconditional love. Furthermore, He will supply all of your needs (Philippians 4:19) and get you through this terrible situation. You’re in good hands in the Lord!

Dr. Lewis Gregory 3/17/2020

Conference and Birthday

We are thankful for the 22 who attended the March 6,7 Exchanged Life Conference in Pigeon Forge. We concluded our time together with a birthday celebration for Chuck Solomon, who turned 90 on March 8th! chuckgfi@aol.com

International attendees include Ron from Canada and Luciano from Brazil. The Spirituotherapy Workshop runs from today through Thursday.

Happy 90th birthday to our dear Chuck Solomon
Gail And Webster Davault came up from Florida.
She gave a testimony of her Exchanged Life and current “Life Saviour” counseling ministry.