Dr. Charles Solomon – Founder & President Emeritus
Dr. John Woodward – Director of Counseling and Training. See
Rev. Don Steve – Director of Recovery Ministry. See
Rev. Rob Clogg – Director of GFI in Canada
Catherine Solomon – Administrative Manager

Ministry Associates
Hans Haun (Knoxville, TN) See Chilhowee Hills
Joe and Cherri Freeman (Whiting, NJ) See
Steve Ranz –  Men’s Mentoring (Chanhassen, MN) See Men’s Mentoring page
Aaron Kim –  Online Discipling (Carmel, IN) See

See International Team page

Other Related Ministries
Caraway Street Children’s Ministry: Ron Solomon (Texas)  See Network Page
Many other ministries also conduct training using a variety of similar materials and emphases,
some of which are based on the model developed by GFI in the early 70′s: Network

Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Dan Riley (Tennessee) Calvary Baptist Church
Pastor Stoney Shaw (Missouri)
Pastor  Jeff Barbieri (Pennsylvania)
Pastor Paul Travis (North Carolina)
Dr. Lewis Gregory (Georgia)
Dr.  Phil Jones, (Tennessee) First Baptist Church, Powell
Dr. Bill Barenkamp (Tennessee)
Pastor Jeff Black (Ohio)
Edmund Spieker (Brazil)
Rev. Hans Timmermans (Canada, Netherlands)
Dr. Sheridan Stanton (Peru)
Mr. Dominique Gallou (Quebec, Canada)

Testimony of Charles Solomon: CRS_Testimony in PDF
Testimony of John Woodward: Testimony of John Woodward in PDFd
Testimony of Rob Clogg: Testimony of Rob Clogg in PDFg
Testimony of Catherine Solomon: Cathy’s Testimony in PDF
Testimony of Joe Freeman: at
Testimony of Cherri Freeman: audio recording

And alumni…

SONY DSC“When we were accepted as missionaries in 1959, “candidate school” was unknown in our mission. So it was that we attended our first candidate school in 1975. It changed our lives completely. one of the speakers was Dr. Charles Solomon…

As Dr. Solomon opened the Scriptures and showed us the two messages of the Cross, the Holy Spirit opened our hearts. Christ’s death for us was a reality we knew well. However our death with Christ was not. We realized that dying with Christ was a fact, just as true as His death for us and needed to be accepted by faith. That day we entered into the reality that we had actually died with Christ, were buried with Him, and rose with Him in resurrection life. It was almost like being born again.”
– Lloyd Baker, Missionary to the Philippines