Dr. Charles R. Solomon – Founder and President Emeritus

Dr. John B. Woodward – Director of Counseling and Training

Catherine A. Solomon – Administrative Manager

Joe and Cherri Freeman – Addiction Recovery Ministry (New Jersey) xlministryproject.com

Rob Clogg – Counselor and Trainer, Leadership Consultant (South Dakota)

Affiliated Ministries

Cross to Life Discipleship Ministries (Minnesota) www.crosstolife.org

Caraway Street Children’s Ministry: Ron Solomon (Texas) www.carawayst.com

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Dan Riley (Tennessee) Calvary Baptist Church

Pastor Stoney Shaw (Missouri)

Pastor  Jeff Barbieri New Jersey) email

Pastor Paul Travis (North carolina) freedominchristcarolinas.wordpress.com

Dr. Lewis Gregory (Georgia) sourceministries.net

Dr.  Phil Jones, (Tennessee) First Baptist Church, Powell

Dr. Bill Barenkamp (Tennessee)

Edmund Spieker (Brazil)

Dr. Sheridan Stanton (Peru)

Dominique Gallou (Quebec, Canada)

Many other ministries also conduct training using a variety of similar materials and emphases, some of which are based on the model developed by GFI in the early 70’s: AELM.org