Spirituotherapy Workshop: Online Edition

Welcome to the home page for the online workshop. Week by week reading materials and videos will be posted here for the student to read and view prior to the live zoom session on Sunday.

Foundational books are Handbook to Happiness (Tyndale), The Ins and Out of Rejection, and Handbook for Christ-Centered Counseling. These are available in paperback or ebook.  The GFI Exchanged Life Conference is a prerequisite to this Workshop.

Suggested daily devotions: www.AbideAbove.com

Presenter: John Woodward (GFI) cell: 865-740-7847

A PDF copy of a basic Workshop notebook is here: GFI_Workshop_Notebook An expanded, printed edition is being mailed to each student.

Live zoom meetings: 5 Sunday afternoons April 11,18,25, May 2, 9, 2021 2:00-5:00pm EDT

Week 1: April 5-11, 2021 – Understanding the Model

Review the Exchanged Life message.
View week 1 videos and read the corresponding notes.

“Distinctives of Spirituotherapy” notes: Spirituotherapy_Distinctives_JBW

1. Clarified Message:

“The Four Dimensions of the Cross” articles:
Dimension 1
Dimension 2
Dimension 3
Dimension 4

“Paradigm Shift” article

Online booklet by David Howell: Fully Alive and Finally Free: Your Identity in Christ (flip book) pages 1-30

The video & booklet “How to Be a Child of God” (below) is available in multiple languages at www.HowToBeaChildOfGod.com

2. Simplified Methodology

Process diagram: Spirituotherapy overview

Parallels to evangelism: Spirituotherapy parallels

3. Illustrated Materials (diagrams as tools)

4.  A personalized Meaning

Week 2: April 12-18, 2021 – How to Take A Counselee’s History


Learn the purpose and techniques of taking a personal history in the context of Spirituotherapy

Gain experience in giving and taking a personal history


Read the Workshop notebook through the pages 1-44 (1-26 in PDF edition)

Read this article on the limited, conditional role of Psychology: Psychology_contextualization_JBW

Please fill out the History Questions document and sent it to the other two students:

Sarah will take Lauralee’s history
Lauralee will take Alicia’s history
Alicia will take Sarah’s history

Take the TJTA online. GFI has purchased the scoring for you; see the email from www.TJTA.com. As you take the survey, think about your basic tendencies for the last couple of years, and keep the number of “undecided” (mids) answers to about 15


View Journey Home to Love video (produced by FathersLoveletter.com – a DVD edition is available). In the five testimonies given, observe how their childhood and adolescence influenced their concept of God, themselves and others. Father’s Love Letter script and videos are here.Dr.

View Charles Solomon giving a lecture on the purpose and guidelines in taking  a counselee’s history.


Listen to the following audio recording. It is part one (presenting problem and history-taking) of another dramatized Spirituotherapy interview.  You can use notebook pages 85, 86 to take notes on this case.