Identification and Illumination

By: Pete Briscoe |

Although he and his parents (Stuart and Jill) had believed and taught the doctrine of union with Christ, Pete needed a personal illumination to appreciate this spiritual reality at a personal level. This testimonial message was given at Conference 220 in Dallas, Texas. Pete is Lead Pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship and a teacher with

What a School Counselor Learned

By: Ellie Jones |

Ellie Jones tells about how she came to faith in Christ and later discovered how to live out of her union with Christ. She left her job as a school counselor, received full GFI training in Colorado, then shared the message of the Cross through discipleship and counseling in Florida and Spain. Interviewed by John Woodward, June, 2018

Recovery Coach Training

By: Joe Freeman |

Joe Freeman and John Woodward recount the backstory of Grace Fellowship International's Recovery Coach Training track. Recorded in August, 2018: ,

Discipleship Counseling and the Recovery Journey

By: John Woodward |

John Woodward was interviewed by Bill Arnold on "The Early Evening Late Show", Faith Radio Network based in St. Paul, MN. They were joined by mutual friend, Jeff Verdoorn. The discussion is on the message of the Cross, Discipleship Counseling, and the field of addiction recovery., July 25, 2018

A Grace Awakening

By: Bill Firth |

Bill Firth gives a testimony of how he discovered identification with Christ and the difference this has made in his life. Part of a Recovery Coach seminar, June 1, 2018 in Lancaster, NY.

Delivered from Depression

By: Aaron Kim |

Aaron Kim tells of his journey into clinical depression and anxiety and how God delivered him. A testimonial interview with John Woodward.

Christ in the Passover

By: Larry Stamm |

Larry Stamm shared his personal testimony and gave a fascinating explanation of the Passover seder. This presentation covers the Old Testament origin (Exodus ch. 12) and New Testament fulfillment in Jesus the Messiah (John 1:29; Matt. 26:17-30). Larry's ministry is online at

Union with Christ

By: Lewis Gregory |

Dr. Lewis Gregory (of Source Ministries) visited during the Spirituotherapy Workshop of March, 2018. He gave this word of exhortation to the students about personal ministry that flows from our relationship of abiding in Christ. This talk is followed by a testimony in song by participant, Donna Kennebrew.

Distorted Identity vs. Transformed Identity

By: Cherri Freeman |

Cherri Raws Freeman gave this talk at a Women's Breakfast at Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, NJ on 2/17/2018. She shares her personal testimony as a context for teaching about identification with Christ, God's love, and living out of a grace-based identity in Christ. The Fathers Loveletter narration is included near the end ( To learn more of Joe and Cherri's ministry, visit

Christ Your Life

By: Charles Stanley |

In "Good News of Great Joy: Christ Your Life", Dr. Charles Stanley preaches one of his most explicit and dynamic messages about the importance of the believer's co-death and co-resurrection with Christ. (Dr. Charles Solomon (GFI) and Dr. Bill & Anabel Gillham gave conferences at FBC Atlanta in the early 1980's.) Most of Dr. Stanley's messages are available through

Testimony of DeAnna Kellogg

By: DeAnna Kellogg |

Musician, pastor's wife, mother... DeAnna's life was busy and fulfilling. But events beyond her control eventually tore her marriage apart and left her devastated. Hear how God brought her to healing, freedom and restoration though the Christ-centered life.

Bill Martin - Testimonial Interview

By: Bill Martin |

Bill Martin testifies of his training and Discipleship Counseling ministries in Colorado, Missouri and Texas. Interviewed by John Woodward. October, 2017. Grace Fellowship International


By: Jack Taylor |

Jack Taylor has authored several books on spiritual victory, and is a former board member of Grace Fellowship International. This topic was the primary theme of his wife Barbara's book: "From Rejection to Acceptance." In this talk, Jack also addresses related issues such as spiritual warfare and our identity in Christ.

From Brokenness to Renewal

By: Don Higgins |

In this testimonial interview, Canadian Exchanged Life Counselor, Don Higgins, testifies about his spiritual journey. Although he was saved and fully committed in his youth and early adulthood, the early 1980's brought physical, emotional and spiritual misery. Hear how his appropiation of Christ as Life brought about transformational change.

Mentoring for Ministry

By: Don Higgins |

In Part two of a testimonial interview, Exchanged Life Counselor, Don Higgins, shares about his journey from his business career to full time biblical counseling and equipping.

Trying to Live the Christian Life

By: Terry Pergyl |

This message points us to the need for abiding in Christ instead of depending on self effort. It was given during The ChristLife Clinic in Ann Arbor, MI in 2015 and posted by permission of Revival Focus Ministries. Terry Pergyl currently serves as pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in Rockford, IL.

Testimony of Paul Travis

By: Paul Travis |

Paul reminisces about his journey to salvation and decades of Christian ministry. After serving as a church planter and pastor, Paul went through the Exchanged Life Conference, Workshop and Internship. Paul and Joyce live in North Carolina and are full time staff members with Freedom in Christ Ministries. (Interviewed by John Woodward)

Testimonial Interview: Mary Louise McDonald

By: Grace Fellowship International |

Mary Louise McDonald testifies about her Exchanged Life personal and ministry testimony. Interviewed by John Woodward, May 10, 2017. Grace Fellowship International

Al Scardino Interview (1)

By: Grace Fellowship International |

Dr. Al Scardino recalls his Galatians 2:20 breakthrough, counseling training, and the development of the biblical counseling ministry at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. Interviewed by John Woodward (part 1 of 2).

Al Scardino Interview (2)

By: Al Scardino |

Dr. Al Scardino recalls his Galatians 2:20 breakthrough, counseling training, and the development of the biblical counseling ministry at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. Interviewed by John Woodward (part 2 of 2).

The Tale of Two Rooms

By: John O'Brien |

John uses an original allegory to contrast a person living under the law to one who is saved and living under grace. This message was given on May 18, 2014 at New Life Church in Hereford, TX

The Saving Life of Christ

By: Joe Faraldi |

Pastor Joe Faraldi shared this testimony at an Exchanged Life Seminar in Pennsylvania on March 18, 2017.

God's Grace and O.C.D.

By: Cindy Galdal-Ruperto |

A Testimony shared at an Exchanged Life Seminar in Pennsylvania on March 18, 2017

The Discipler's Spiritual Life: a Testimony

By: Jim Herndon |

A missionary / biblical counselor testifies of his spiritual journey. This recording is an excerpt from an Exchanged Life Life Conference (March 3-4, 2017, by Grace Fellowship International).

The Purpose and Problem of All Mankind

By: Phil Jones |

This message is #1 of a four part series on "Discipleship Basics". Preached at First Baptist Church of Powell, 10/9/2016. The PDF notebook for all four lessons is attached here. Used with permission.

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