Spiritual Journey and Ministry Testimony

By: Grace Fellowship International |

Dr. Ron Cobb shares his testimony of salvation, service and the Exchanged Life (Gal. 2:20). He also describes the degree programs in Biblical Counseling at Luther Rice Seminary. Ron's written testimony is posted at and his academic introduction is at / Faculty. Interviewed by John Woodward for Grace Fellowship International on March 12, 2021.

Living as Royal Saints

By: David C Needham |

David Needham, author of 'Birthright', gave this message at a deeper life conference.

Jesus: Our Wonderful Counselor

By: John Woodward |

Bill Arnold interviews John Woodward about the messianic prophecy of Isaiah 9:6. Jesus is our Wonderful Counselor...and the Prince of Peace. An episode of "Afternoons with Bill Arnold." December 10, 2020, courtesy of

The Greenhouse Project

By: Jim Herndon |

Jim Herndon testifies of how God used an intensive Christ-Centered Counseling retreat in his life and the emergence of a similar ministry that helps missionaries--The Greenhouse Project. It is conducted in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife, Peggy. Interviewed by John Woodward on November 7, 2020.

His Life as You

By: Joe Faraldi |

This is message 4 in a series about how Jesus Christ gave His life for us (1), that He might give His life to us (2), to live His life through us (3) as us (4). Preached at Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, NJ.

From Near Death to Abundant Life

By: Christine Russell |

Chris Russell testifies of a her battle with COVID, a near death experience, and God's faithfulness. Interviewed by John Woodward for the Grace Fellowship Int'l podcast.

The Rejection Syndrome

By: John Woodward |

John was interviewed by Bill Arnold about the harmful effects of rejection and how God's acceptance through Christ can bring healing and freedom. [See 'The Ins and Out of Rejection' by Charles R. Solomon.] Courtesy of the Afternoons with Bill Arnold radio program.

God’s Wisdom Can Calm Your Fear

By: John Woodward |

A segment of the radio program "Afternoons with Bill Arnold" (July 13, 2020) courtesy of Faith Radio.

Dead to the Old, Alive to the New

By: Jack Taylor |

A message by Dr. Jack R. Taylor

Biblical Counseling for Church Leaders

By: Nick Applegate |

Dr. Nick Applegate testifies of his journey to provide Christian psychological counseling, and later transitioning to Christ Centered Biblical Counseling. He serves as a pastor of Biblical Counseling in Hendersonville, Tennessee: Interviewed by Dr. John Woodward, Grace Fellowship International (May 15, 2020).

The Law of Liberty - 1

By: John Woodward |

This is an audio track of an online Deeper Life Discipleship study. This is 3/4 of the meeting which features the Bible study summary of "The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life" (by Evan Hopkins), Chapter 1. Introduction by Dan Hawkins. Sponsored by

Testimony of Altha Burts

By: Altha Burts |

Exchanged Life counselor and educator, Altha Burts, testifies of her life, redemption, and transformation. She is the author of Come Up Higher at and The Treasures of Truth online course at

20/20 Vision

By: Jeff Barbieri |

Pastor Jeff Barbieri gives an insightful exposition of Paul's prayer in Ephesians 1. It is a prayer for all wholehearted believers. Jeff serves as Senior Pastor of Mountain View Bible Church, New Tripoli, PA.

Discovering the New Covenant

By: David Sherman |

David Sherman gives his spiritual journey testimony as interviewed by John Woodward. David tells of his Jewish roots, redemption, mission trips, and Bible study activities. Recently he went through the 12 week 'ID Ministry' process with Cross to Life Discipleship Ministries in Minnesota. Even mature believers can discover new dimensions and applications of the new covenant.

Grace Awakening Testimony of Pastor Dan Riley

By: Dan Riley |

Dan Riley testifies of a deeper discovery of his identification with Christ and the difference this made in his life and ministry. Recorded in Sevierville, Tennessee at a banquet for Grace Fellowship International (2012). Dan serves as Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.

God Gives More Grace

By: Linda Woodward |

Linda testifies of her personal journey as a believer, singer, trainer, wife, and mother. This was session 3 of "Cultivating a Christ-Centered Marriage"-- a retreat hosted by Peoples Church of Montreal. Grace Fellowship International

Exchanged Life and Missions

By: John Shepherd |

Dr. John Shepherd spoke about the importance of identification with Christ as it relates to the Great Commission. He was the founder/Director of Calvary Road Ministries that mobilizes pioneer evangelism among the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania: He challenged young and old to be involved in spreading the gospel locally and globally. Recorded at First Baptist Church, Pigeon Forge, TN (2005)

Navigating Life in a Broken World

By: Tom Bruno |

This was the introductory message presented at the Grace 220 seminar at New Life Community Church-Elgin (Illinois). The seminar and workshop May 17, 18, 2019 was provided to equip Soul Care ministries in the region. (Click the PDF button to view a detailed message outline.)

The Value of Christ Centered Soul Care

By: John Woodward |

Faith Radio in Minneapolis, Minnesota broadcasts a weekday program, “Afternoons with Bill Arnold.” On April 5, 2019 Bill invited John Woodward to return to this program for a conversation about Christ-centered discipleship: "...we learn to reject the lies of our past and walk forward in victory." Courtesy of

The Exchanged Life

By: John VanGelderen |

"When Christ went to the cross in our place, He not only died for our sins, but also made possible a glorious exchange; His life for our life. Essentially, the death of Christ for us was to put the life of Christ in us; and this life is available to every believer right now. We need only access His life so that He can be the animating power of our personality. This life is evidenced in the new man, the new union and the new victory we have in Christ." Preached in 2011. John VanGelderen leads

My Lighted Path

By: Sheriena McEvers |

Sheriena McEvers gave this personal testimony at her church--The Crossing, in Marysville, KS. She writes a blog entitled. "The Lighted Path" at and is the author of "Bible Reading Study Guide" (

Trying or Trusting?

By: Steve Hammack |

Which is your approach to living the Christian life? This practical exposition of Galatians was preached at Anchor Church in Georgia by pastor Steve Hammack. Used with permission

He Restores My Soul

By: Suzanne Wilson |

In this testimonial interview, Suzanne tells about the challenges she has faced over the years, including an overdependence on psychotropic drugs. After appropriating her identity and freedom in Christ, she has been involved in recovery and prison ministries.(Recorded in 2011)

Cultivating Your Devotional Life

By: Stoney Shaw |

Pastor Stoney Shaw affirms on the importance of daily, personal fellowship with God through the Word and prayer. He recommends examples of helpful grace-oriented devotional resources. Recorded at the Solomon School of Grace Fellowship Int'l in Pigeon Forge, TN (2004).

Identification and Illumination

By: Pete Briscoe |

Although he and his parents (Stuart and Jill) had believed and taught the doctrine of union with Christ, Pete needed a personal illumination to appreciate this spiritual reality at a personal level. This testimonial message was given at Conference 220 in Dallas, Texas. Pete is Lead Pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship and a teacher with

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