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The following three courses provide an introduction to Cross-oriented discipling and counseling. Begin anytime and proceed at your own pace.


The Wheel and Line: A Guide to Freedom through the Cross

This course walks the student through a summary of chapter 2 of Handbook to Happiness. This tract has been translated into over 40 languages. See our International / Multilingual Pages for free PDFs to download.

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How to Exchange Your Life For a New One

These five brief studies begin with a clear presentation of the Gospel. Lesson 1 uses tests from 1 John to evaluate the reality of a person’s salvation and some of the 10 Commandments to bring conviction of one’s need of a Savior. Lessons 2-4 give an introduction to spiritual growth in light on our identification with Christ. The concluding chapter gives basics about spiritual warfare. It’s a great “assimilation” tool for church newcomers.  In-print copies are available in GFI’s online store.

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For Me to Live is Christ

This online course is based on an earlier version of a fill-in-the-blank guide to Charles R. Solomon’s Handbook to Happiness. The embedded videos were done in 2009, and the text is from the previous edition of the book. (Consider upgrading to the 2014 a studio-recorded DVD series based on the 2011 edition of For Me to Live is Christ. )

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(Offline) Grace Fellowship also publishes Dr. Lee Turner’s Grace Discipleship Course. This is a 12 chapter fill-in-the-blank workbook. The content is clearly explained with observation questions and illustrative graphics. The course is used in many small groups and residential recovery programs. There is a also second volume in the series: The Advanced Grace Discipleship Course. These are described and available  through GFI’s store online or by phone. See the Grace Discipleship series page.


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