The concluding phase of Grace Fellowship’s certification in Exchanged Life Counseling is a practicum. With the Conference, Workshop, and Solomon School Lecture series completed, the trainee is to administer at least 40 hours of Discipleship Counseling according to the GFI model and practicum guidelines. This is done where the trainee lives, using his/her relationship network and ministry context.

For each 10 hours of counseling given, the trainee has a one hour phone session with his/her GFI supervisor. The practicum fee of $200.00 includes the supervisor’s monitoring of the trainee’s progress and these telephone sessions.

You can register for this Practicum module through the online store or by calling GFI.

For those who have registered for Exchanged Life Counselor Practicum: click here for Practicum Guidelines page.

There is an alternate practicum for students in the Masters of Biblical Counseling program at Luther Rice College and Seminary. The L.R. practicum track is explained on this page: Luther Rice – GFI practicum.