Each field office needs prayer and financial supporters.
You are invited to contact GFI to find out how you or your church could adopt a missionary, field, or project! – Missions inquiry [email protected]



Rev. Charles Ambaka Director, Nairobi, Kenya (Swahili, English) Mission points: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, refugees from Somalia and Sudan. See his video here. Many churches are being impacted by the exchanged life. email: [email protected]


Frey Bedell, from Monrovia has had training at GFI USA and GFI South Africa. Also, Luther Rice Seminary student, Rich Reaves, has studied GFI resources and desires to share this message.


GFI Associate, Maria Prean, is founder and director of a strategic ministry: Vision for Africa. A documentary film about her and the ministry is available at VisionVideo.com.  www.visionforafrica-intl.org


Associates there include Nehlsie deBruto and Rev. Piet du Toit. They counsel, teach, and conduct training seminars. A number of people have completed internships at Curare with lives being transformed regularly. Nehlsie continues to train interns and to reach out to various locations in the country. E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]


John Woodward has recorded a 40 lesson video course on Christ-centered Counseling that is in English and Portuguese. The course is provided through ABECAR Seminary’s distance education program. Visit www.abecar.org to learn more. The school’s founder is Rev. Willis Stitt.

GFI networks with veteran missionary leader, Edmund Spieker and Luciano Pauls who conducts “Fermata” retreats for pastoral couples across Brazil.

The ministry of Back to the Bible works closely with ABECAR. Pastor Leandro Tarrataca uses GFI resources and has been involved in translating the ABECAR courses.

Handbook to Happiness and How to Exchange Your Life for a New One has been published in Portuguese.


Rev. Rob Clogg served as GFI President in 2015 prior to moving back to Canada. Now he and his wife, Dottie, are based in British Columbia. Rob is available for counseling and training. His email is [email protected]

Crossways to Life is an affiliate ministry in Kitchener, Ontario. CTL handles Canadian support for John Woodward, using GFI Counseling Institute as a joint venture. Website: www.crosswaystolife.org

Pastor Hans and Elly Timmermans serve with Dynamic Churches International and use a combination of GFI and DCI resources. See one of their videos here. Their focus is on Malawi, Africa: northernmalawinews.wordpress.com


GFI has provided equipping events in Colombia through CENFOL.


Eva Seyboth has been to the GFI training events in Tennessee. She provides Biblical counseling and training in German, and uses the German translation of Handbook to Happiness. Eva is now based in the U.S. in Greeley, CO. E-mail: [email protected]


Professor P.P. Thomas came to the U.S. for training with GFI in 1982 and returned to India where he established Grace Counseling India in Kerala. From the beginning, it was fostered by GFI and now has its own compound from which to minister in Kottayam, with the organization being chartered in Chennai. Their web site is GraceCounselor.org

Handbook to Happiness is in English and Hindi there, and the Wheel and Line tract is available in English, Hindi, Malayalam and other Indian languages. See them online here. E-mail: John Zahariah


Pastor Martin in Yangon has been to GFI U.S. for equipping. He also manages Gospel Outreach Mission there. The Wheel and Line tract was published in Burmese, and he has translated it in Mizo. (Translation is needed in Lao; completed in Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese and Burmese.) Pastor Martin’s email


Charles Ambaka (Kenya) has done training in Nepal facilitated by Timothy Aryal: [email protected]


Handbook to Happiness has been translated into Urdu and published there. We have networked with Pastor Simon Kamran: [email protected]


Some pastors there have had GFI treaining, either here at GFI USA or by correspondence. They have itinerant ministries of preaching, teaching, and equipping in many areas of the Philippines. The Wheel and Line tract is in all four languages.


The director of Grace Fellowship Romania is Rev. Peter Mihent in Oradea, near the Hungarian border. He has recently acquired property to build a a biblical counseling and training facility there.

Victor Condorachi serves as a counselor in Iasi, near the border of Moldova.


Grace Fellowship Ukraine was established in 2000 under the leadership of Victor Zhuromsky who has translated Handbook to Happiness in Russian along with several supporting books and tracts. He has conducted conferences in Russia and Siberia and is networking with other leaders in the former USSR to spread the message of the Cross.

Victor Z. has published a two volume Russian-Greek Interlinear of the New Testament! He has web sites in Russian and will appreciate any assistance you can provide him as he reaches out to the Russian world. In July, 2006 Victor moved to Canada. E-mail Contact: Pavel Gailans [email protected]

If you know of disciplers in other countries, please refer them to the 40+ translations of Dr. Charles Solomon’s Wheel and Line tract here.