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Introductory Courses

1.  The Wheel and Line: A Guide to Freedom through the Cross
This course walks the student through a summary of chapter 2 of Handbook to Happiness. This tract has been translated into over 40 languages. See our International / Multilingual Pages for free PDFs to download. Begin by clicking here.

2. How to Exchange Your Life For a New One
These five brief studies begin with a clear presentation of the Gospel. Lesson 1 uses tests from 1 John to evaluate the reality of a person’s salvation and some of the 10 Commandments to bring conviction of one’s need of a Savior. Lessons 2-4 give an introduction to spiritual growth in light on our identification with Christ. The concluding chapter gives basics about spiritual warfare. It’s a great “assimilation” tool for church newcomers.  In-print copies are available in GFI’s online store. Begin by clicking here.

3. For Me to Live is Christ
This online course is based on an earlier version of a fill-in-the-blank guide to Charles R. Solomon’s Handbook to Happiness. The embedded videos were done in 2009, and the text is from the previous edition of the book. (Consider upgrading to the 2014 a studio-recorded DVD series based on the 2011 edition of For Me to Live is Christ. ) Begin by clicking here.

Diploma Level Courses

The GFI Counseling Institute also has a series of courses that can be used for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or to earn a Diploma. These tuition-based courses include an online component with a password-required Course Page (see the linked Course titles below). The course pages include the Student Guide, online videos, resources, and a review test. The courses do not have an assignment schedule; you can start at any time and proceed at your own pace. These courses are still available as traditional mail-based correspondence courses as well.  A Certificate of Completion is given upon completion of each course, and the Diploma of Biblical Counseling is awarded after the completion of ten.

All courses (except GFEL1,2) have the GFI Exchanged Life Conference as a prerequisite. This conference can be done online, by audio CD, DVD, online, or at a live event.

To apply for formal CEU credit, you may inquire of your supervisory agency.

You can register, order any required materials, and pay the course tuition by credit card by phoning John Woodward at GFI: 865-429-0450.


Foundational Courses

GFEL1 Exchanged Life Counseling I  GFICI-foundational-course-materials

GFEL2 Exchanged Life Counseling II  GFICI-foundational-course-materials

GFDEL Devotional Literature  GFICI-foundational-course-materials

GFCOS Counseling Skills  GFICI-foundational-course-materials

Additional Courses (student’s choice and sequence)

GFEVD Evangelism and Discipleship

GFCCC  Christ Centered Children’s Counseling  (see required materials)

GFMAF Marriage and Family

GFROP The Role of Psychology

GFCLC Counseling and the Local Church

GFSPW Spiritual Warfare

GFTWG How to Teach the Word of God

GFTHF Theological Foundations

Tuition and Fees
Tuition per GFI Course: $75.00

Other required materials per course $ _____(identified on course page or by phone) plus shipping and handling

The additional required reading / materials vary per course. A PDF document listing the required reading for the first four courses is here: GFICI-foundational-course-materials

Steps to enroll
1. Request to enroll in a course by filling in the online form below.
2. Phone GFI at 865-429-0450 to discuss additional required materials.
3. GFI will inform or invoice you regarding the tuition and materials you order. Or, you can pay the tuition for a course via GFI’s online store here.
4. After you pay the course invoice (usually by credit/debit card over the phone), you are sent the course materials and emailed the password to the course’s home page.

Whether you have already attended the Exchanged Life Conference and Spirituotherapy Workshop, Online Lecture Series, or would like to begin your training here, we encourage you to move forward in your calling for personal ministry.

To inquire about a CEU course, please complete and submit the form below:



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