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Workshop endorsements

We have added some comments about the Workshop at the GFI web site / Training page. Remember, the next one is scheduled for August 15-17, 2012 in Pigeon Forge, TN.! Comments from participants: [I benefitted most from:] “Videos of examples and reinforcement of basic information and how to present it. Excellent.” “The in-depth discussion of […]

Conference Now Available Via Webinar

The GFI Exchanged Life Conference is now available by on-demand webinar. Access to view the six one hour sessions by Dr. Charles Solomon and Dr. John Woodward and PDF conference manual and can be ordered at the GFI online store. Now view the conference without the travel costs (for less than half the price of the […]

Tract in Nepali

Dr. Timothy has revised the translation of “The Wheel and Line” tract into Nepali. It is available for free download at GFIworld.org. May God bless the 15,000 copies that are being printed for use in that region.

How to Be a Child of God

David Howell has published an evangelistic booklet titled, How to Be a Child of God. We are delighted that this presentation also includes the other dimension of the Cross–the believers co-death with Christ. It also reveals the potential of victorious living with our new identity in Him. See a new online video edition here: http://vimeo.com/44145743

Taught by the Holy Spirit

Just a note to say thank you, Dr. Solomon, for sharing the truth in your message today. I will pass this on to my Pastor as it is good truth! I am thankful that the Holy Spirit taught me from the beginning and still does, or I would be a mess…but He never gives up […]

Tract Translation Projects

Perfecto Mumar, a GFI missionary in the Philippines, is ready to print the Wheel and Line tract in Tagalog. $300 will be needed to provide 6000 copies. In Nepal, T. is completing the editing the GFI tract. He wrote an introduction and simplified it to make it more user friendly in a non-Christian environment. He […]

Testimony and Prayer Request

Hi Catherine, I am the guy who came by the office to visit your dad [Chuck Solomon] some time ago and he autographed a copy of the Handbook for me. I didn’t have money for the book at the time but your dad was gracious enough to give me a copy which I paid for […]

Escape Suicide

GFI recently created a dedicated web/blog site related to suicide prevention. A book by a former board member addresses this vital subject in a unique way. The book engages those tempted or impacted by this issue and effectively communicates the relevant hope provided through knowing Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life. The site is: escapesuicide.wordpress.com […]