Spirituotherapy Workshop


The November 6-9 Workshop was a fruitful experience. What a joy to equip– and fellowship with– 18 special brothers and sisters who made it to Pigeon Forge from Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia and Canada! We will be posting more photos and testimonies.

Sample comment: “So many helpful concepts shared. I always hate role playing, but I got so much from it [the dyad practice sessions]. [The instructor] is a great teacher, very thorough. Thank you for your encouragement from day one. Every moment has been a blessing. ‘Thankful for Grace – GFI.”


Exchanged Life Conference


We’re so thankful for the 20+ whom God led to attend the conference here in Pigeon Forge, TN. Precious testimonies were shared and Ron Solomon spoke on how to communicate the fuller message of the Cross with children (see CarawaySt.com). Next is the Spirituotherapy Workshop (Nov. 6-9)!


Book Review

Tyndale House Publishers asked Miriam Jacob to write a book review for Handbook to Happiness.

The full chapter-by-chapter review is online at handbooktohappinessblog.wordpress.com

This was just posted:

Handbook_Happiness_cvr17Handbook to Happiness – A Biblical Guide to Victorious Living by Dr. Charles R. Solomon is the foundational book for Spirituotherapy, an innovative Bible-based program to integrate the spiritual and psychological dimensions of man. It is the flagship book of the Exchanged Life counseling movement, synonymous with revival.

This approach to discipleship is a strategic, counseling model, applying deeper life sanctification to psychological problems of humanity, in the appropriation of Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life. Termed Spirituotherapy to honor the Holy Spirit, the ultimate Counselor, using the Bible’s truth, wisdom and revelation to resolve the problems of mankind, this program is based on the Holy Spirit’s work of regeneration and the appropriation of the new life in Christ. The believer’s relationship to the cross of Christ is central to its goal. The Holy Spirit is the Therapist who renews the mind and transforms the life – “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind, to prove the good, acceptable and perfect will of God” – (Romans 12:2).

Psychological problems, rooted in spiritual problems, can only be resolved by a faith union with the crucified Christ, risen and reigning in the believer’s life – (Galatians 2:20). This approach to counseling is biblical – “I am the Lord, who heals you” – (Exodus 15:26). God’s healing power comes when we obey His commands and statutes. A miracle happens when the Word of God is taught, applied, and obeyed. “God sent his word, and healed them” (Psalm 107:20). It is a balanced, beneficial approach to counseling of healing people with the living Word of God. People in desperate need are being counseled and internally healed by Spirituotherapy.

Through “the exchanged life” and “the experienced cross,” counseling propagates the truth of freedom through union with Christ in his death and resurrection. Spirituotherapy, a viable integration of counseling and the Word of God, done in the power of the Holy Spirit, meets the deepest needs of man. This proven Biblical approach communicates the truth of our identification with Christ, to resolve life problems and see it honored by the Spirit of God. When we face problems impossible to resolve, we have access to the infallible Word of God and the Counselor, the Holy Spirit. To experience the cross, we must embrace it, with its brokenness and suffering. Like the Master, all must follow the way of the cross to have victory in life. Life issues out of death and victory out of defeat. It is a paradoxical principle. We become in experience what we already are in Christ by position.

Handbook is available through GFI’s book store here, or by calling 865-429-0450.

‘Growing in Grace’ Webinar


The webinar on “Growing in Grace in Difficult Days” was presented on Thursdays at 8:00pm Eastern (7:00pm Central) on September 14,21,28; October 5,12, 2017. This series is about Christ centered living, based on 1,2 Peter. John Woodward taught the five sessions which includes the Wheel and Line diagrams, and Egypt/Wilderness/Canaan symbolism. You can view or review the content on the GFI videos & webinars page were there are PDF lesson slides and three online video recordings courtesy of WebEx.


New U-Turn Video

Our new “U-Turn” video challenges viewers to consider the probable future consequences of their current lifestyle–for better or for worse. The call for a radical change of direction through Christ centered discipleship brings new potential and hope by God’s grace. Ideal audio visual for youth meetings and church services.

Peter leading a conference in Romania

Ministry in Romania

Peter leading a conference in Romania

Peter leading a conference in Romania

An update from pastor Peter Mihent

This year I have had the opportunity to organize five conferences: three of them in Romania, one in Seattle, United States and the other one in Great Britain where there are Romanian communities. We still continue training Christian leaders and pastors in Romania to do counseling for their communities. One of this centers is in Brasov were we have 12 students, and one in Suceava where there are 20 students.


Pastoral Couples Retreat


Some of the participants at the pastoral couples retreat

Our experience with Fermatas and fellowship with S.H.O.R. Ministries — and our goal to minister to pastors — led to Grace Fellowship’s first Pastoral Couples Retreat August 22-24. It was facilitated by our board member, Dan Riley (and his wife, Kathy). The four couples had three days and two nights here in Pigeon Forge for rest, fellowship, and confidential share & prayer. The first night Chuck greeted them and Dan gave his Exchanged Life testimony. The second night, after supper together, John gave a PowerPoint summary teaching on the centrality of the cross for victory and ministry.

Dan writes, “I really believe we’re on the front of something that’s different from anything I see being done for pastors and wives. I hope this can be the beginning of an expanded ministry to leaders who I think will not only embrace the abundant life, but learn how to effectively share that in the places of influence they occupy. We learned from this launch and will be able to have an even better experience next time.”

We pray this retreat model will develop into a pattern of fruitful ministry in the years to come!