News from GFI related to North America

Summer Conference and Workshop Held

About 30 gathered at Wears Valley, TN for the summer Exchanged Life Conference presented by Grace Fellowship. New team members, Joe and Cherri Freeman, came down from New Jersey to share their testimonies and assist in the teaching. July 23-25 was the Spirituotherapy workshop which provided training on the “how-to” of sharing this deeper message of the Cross of Christ in a counseling context. The next local conference and workshop are scheduled for November. All disciples and disciplers are welcome!


Colombia Advances

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ,
and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” 2 Cor. 2:14

47a3d929b3127cce98548f79645600000035100Actm7Fu3asWrAOur team had a taste of this kind of strategic ministry on our recent trip to Colombia. The leaders there had used a Spanish photocopied edition of Chuck’s Handbook to Happiness since the ’80’s. In the months leading up to the Bogota conference and pastors’ conference, two more of Chuck’s books were translated into Spanish and published there. So we’re seeing a valuable Spanish Exchanged Life discipleship/ counseling tool kit coming together.

47a3d811b3127cce98548f72b59300000035100Actm7Fu3asWrAOn June 28-30, over 500 attended the Bogota Conference (Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday). Each participant received three of our Spanish books and a Spanish GFI notebook. There were dozens of psychologists there, many of whom were disillusioned with trying to help people based on their secular/ integrationist approach. Many attendees gave testimony of transformational change as the Holy Spirit used the teaching and illumined hearts to the fuller message of the Cross and identification with Christ. The teachers included Dr. Sheridan Stanton (GFI alumnus & missionary to Peru), Chuck, and myself. Interpreters included Jose Diaz and Armando Gutierrez.

47a3d929b3127cce98548f5b647400000035100Actm7Fu3asWrAOn July 2-5 we ministered at CENFOL’s annual pastors conference in Girardot (a four hour drive west from Bogota). We had a slower pace there with beautiful weather and scenery. God blessed there as well. One of the public testimonies was from the director of their ministry in Venezuela. He came to Bogota with his resignation letter with him, but during the two events God did a wonderful work in his life. He was returning to the challenges of ministry as one who has had his “white funeral” (Gal. 2:20) and a more complete Good News to share with others. Our board member, Dr. Dan Riley, flew down on July 4th, coached the CENFOL leaders in assessment and follow up, and preached there Sunday morning. Before we left, the leaders testified of an estimated 80% of the Bogota conference attendees embracing the “Selfer’s Prayer.” They have a vision to reach Latin America with this message and approach as a ministry partner of Grace Fellowship. For the Solomons–and all of us–it is a dream come true! CENFOL is already discussing when to have a follow up event in Bogota!

We give thanks to God and those who have participated by intercession and involvement.

See a video slideshow here:

Additional photos are posted at

Letter: Delivered from Depression

Your ministry has been a blessing to us. First through “Handbook to Happiness “and Ins and Out of Rejection,” then through Bill and Annabel Gillham’s “exchanged life” course. I had been condemned through psychology to a lifetime disease of manic depression and schizophrenia. I have been medication free for six years and have no more symptoms!

I need to learn how to share this with others. Our family has been revolutionized by the Life of Christ [Rom. 5:10] and we very much desire to help others. We see tremendous need all around us. Please pray for us.

Indwelt and in Him, to His Glory,

Brian (Oklahoma)

New Motorsport Club

Michael McKnight attended the Grace Fellowship training in March, 2012.   He has been riding motorcycles for many years. How was he to share the message of the Abiding Life with others? (He’s the tall one in the middle:-)

GFI_March_12Recently Michael started a motorsport club called Grace Heart Fellowship. Steve Phinney and John Woodward have joined and received this patch:

Grace_patchIf you’d like to know about the club’s mission and membership, here’s the web site:  Ride on!

Knowing This…

Knowing This…

Ken and Sherry Callaway came to Grace Fellowship for training in 2012. They have now formed “Knowing This Ministries” in Gonzales, Texas based on Romans 6:6: “Knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Christ…”


Our vision is to disciple, teach, coach, walk alongside people (spirit of Barnabas), to lead people to the only One that can “illuminate”(Eph 1:17-18) their minds, so they may “reckon/consider” (Rom 6:11; Col 2:6) the truth of Galatians 2:20 and Romans 6:6. THEN, “appropriate” this truth (John 15:4,5; Col. 1:27) so that God may be glorified! (Col. 3:17)

Our passion is centered on relationships. We have a passion to teach people who they really are! –what their “true identity” in Christ is! We are passionate to help missionaries and churches to be all Jesus wants them to be. We have a desire to watch in awe, as a person surrenders their heart to Christ and then be honored to be present as they learn the “Abundant Life” as Jesus taught us in John 10:10!

Their web site is here:

Ken and Sherry are seeing God lead struggling people out of the wilderness into the Promised Land of the Abiding Life. They are available locally to provide personal ministry and a one day seminar.

July 2013 Conference and Workshop

The next Grace Fellowship Exchanged Life Conference and Workshop is scheduled for July 19,20 (Conference), and 23-25, 2013 (Workshop) in Sevierville, Tennessee. This an important opportunity for leaders and other disciplers. For details and registration, see the Events Calendar or Conference and Workshop pages, or call GFI @ 1-888-66GRACE. It will be hosted by First Baptist Church in Wears Valley (Sevierville, TN). All who desire Christ-centered discipling and equipping are welcome!

Come Walk With Me

…Nothing less than a new Reformation, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will empower the Church to stem the tide of secular humanism, along with all of the destructive agendas in its wake! The motive force behind such a Reformation can only be the individual believer’s experiencing his death and resurrection with Christ (Rom. 6:3-11), and consequent filling of the Holy Spirit for life and service.  This has been the truth undergirding the life transformations mentioned earlier and past major awakenings that the Church has known—scriptural discipleship!

Read the full article and poem at Chuck’s blog:

Testimony of Healing from PTSD

Solomon_MillerAt the April 20th Grace Fellowship ministry luncheon, Mark Miller shared his personal testimony. While serving a tour of duty in Iraq, Mark was almost killed in an attack. After being discharged from the military, he went to seminary to be equipped to help others through church and community ministry. However, chronic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems held him back. In October of 2012 the Lord healed Mark and set him free through a revelation of his union with Christ. A video of his testimony is available online here: (The photo is of the Millers and the Solomons.)

Mark’s written story is included in GFI’s site related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Pray for Mark as he prepares for major speaking opportunities in the coming months.

Huntington, WV Conference

About 45 people-helpers attended the Grace Fellowship Conference in Huntington last weekend. May God bless the message, methodology, and materials to their personal life and ministries! To inquire about hosting a seminar or conference, please call 1-888-66GRACE.CIMG2442


Grace Fellowship Board Meetings

We appreciated having our board meet for prayer and planning April 18,19th. Hans Haun (of the Knoxville area) became a new member. He will be developing the ministry’s internet outreach, especially through enhanced videos and social media.

A revised purpose statement:
“Grace Fellowship International encourages ministries to succeed by helping leaders live victoriously and counsel effectively.”

Please intercede that we would be good stewards of this message and ministry and that God would lead us to the most receptive ministries and leaders.CIMG2399

left to right: Dan, Peter, Chuck, Bob, Hans and John