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New Audio Message: The Nature of the Exchange

What do we mean by the term “Exchanged Life”? Although this is considered core knowledge in the GFI conference, the concept of exchange sometimes refers to what happens at the new birth, at other times, the breakthrough of appropriating our identification with Christ by faith.

Since Spirituotherapy focuses on the sanctification aspect, it may be useful to consider our understanding in the context of other viewpoints. John Woodward has presented a lesson titled “The Nature of the Exchange.” This is now available as a free audio message online with PDF notes: . The notes can be opened by clicking on the PDF button there.

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Tribute to Bob Tobey

Last Sunday, July 29, Bob Tobey went to be with the Lord. Bob was a friend of Chuck Solomon and a Biblical Counselor at the GFI office in Indiana for many years.  One of the men who entered into victory through Bob’s ministry is Don Higgins. Don had traveled to seek help in Indiana during a personal crisis in mid 80’s.  After his breakthrough, Don  began Crossways to Life in Kitchener, Ontario; many people in Canada can trace their discovery of  identification with Christ through Don and ultimately Bob. (Their site is That’s how God can multiply fruit through people who trust Jesus as Savior, Lord and Life!

Workshop endorsements

We have added some comments about the Workshop at the GFI web site / Training page. Remember, the next one is scheduled for August 15-17, 2012 in Pigeon Forge, TN.!

Comments from participants:

[I benefitted most from:]

  • “Videos of examples and reinforcement of basic information and how to present it. Excellent.”
  • “The in-depth discussion of specific topics”
  • “Clarification of the diagrams as well as the practice sessions”
  • “Repetition and practice led to learning quickly and gaining ability to be used”

“The Cross is the Answer to people’s emotional problems.”

“Personal application was helpful and facilitated working with and meeting other participants.”

“Words cannot express that I have learned and experienced.”

“This workshop has been very educational and inspiring. We have been truly blessed by it. It not only demonstrated but also illustrated the total life of Christ. This has been a spiritual adventure and our lives have been changed through this workshop. The Instructors were very knowledgeable and wise in teaching. Thank you very much.”

“I was able to deepen and broaden my understanding of the exchanged life; I learned an effective counseling model that can be used to help others. Outstanding and comprehensive as presented – well organized, interesting, excellent presentations.”

“All the concepts were helpful. Nothing was missing. It could not have been presented any better than it was. Thank you so much for helping me to understand the Exchanged Life and my new identity! I now have the tools to study and practice to be able to tell others how to experience Christ’s life of victory, peace and freedom. I will continue to pray for you your team, and Grace Fellowship International in the ministry God has placed you in.”


Conference Now Available Via Webinar

The GFI Exchanged Life Conference is now available by on-demand webinar.

Access to view the six one hour sessions by Dr. Charles Solomon and Dr. John Woodward and PDF conference manual and can be ordered at the GFI online store. Now view the conference without the travel costs (for less than half the price of the conference DVD album).

The conference will still be conducted as a live event. (The next one is August 13,14th in Pigeon Forge, TN.)

How to Be a Child of God

David Howell has published an evangelistic booklet titled, How to Be a Child of God. We are delighted that this presentation also includes the other dimension of the Cross–the believers co-death with Christ. It also reveals the potential of victorious living with our new identity in Him. See a new online video edition here:

Escape Suicide

GFI recently created a dedicated web/blog site related to suicide prevention. A book by a former board member addresses this vital subject in a unique way.

The book engages those tempted or impacted by this issue and effectively communicates the relevant hope provided through knowing Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life. The site is:

The book can be ordered from GFI online or by phone.