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The Key to the Christian Life

We appreciate opportunities GFI has had to minister at First Baptist Atlanta since 1980. Dr. Charles Stanley has a sermon online that gives a good summary of the essential counseling message: “The Key to the Christian Life.” It begins, “No one can live the Christian life in his own strength. Yet so many people try to do just that. They know God has saved them, but in practice, they believe a life that pleases Him is possible only through their efforts. This is how I felt for many years. Finally, God used They Found the Secret—a little book consisting of 20 spiritual biographies—to reveal something I had never realized: The key to the Christian life is to allow Christ to live His life through you. This truth revolutionized my walk with the Lord.” You can access his sermon outline and watch the video also:

Counseling Theory and the Scriptures

A new book has been published that critiques major secular counseling models from a biblical perspective.

“Counseling Theory and the Scriptures compares major counseling theories with the principles in the Scriptures on the belief that a biblical perspective of worth and value is essential for those searching for meaning and purpose. Clearly a chasm exists between psychology and the Scriptures relating to the primary “cause and effect” of the human condition. This book is a tool for individual counselors, students in counseling programs, faculty in Christian education, pastors, church staff and interested laypersons.”

Authors: Rick Surley, M.A. is a Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist and owner of New Beginnings Christian Counseling Clinic in San Antonio, Texas.  Roger Alliman, M.A. was a founding officer for Rapha and has taught at Colorado Christian University.

This volume also recognizes man as spirit, soul, and body. The text is available at