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“How to help a friend spiritually”

Grace Fellowship’s Exchanged Life Conference provides an overview of the Christ-centered counseling message. Since 1970, many have experienced God’s deliverance from chronic problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and relational conflicts through this message and process. The topics covered will be:

*Components of a Meaningful Life / The Rejection Syndrome
*Exchanging the Self Life for the Christ-Life
*Appropriating Your Identification with Christ / Paths to the Cross
*Summary Steps in Sanctification / The Daily Cross
*Recovering Your Victory, Healing Damaged Emotions
*Egypt to Canaan: Four Phases of Discipleship.

This represents the teaching aspect of eight or more pastoral counseling sessions! Over 100 ministries use this counseling approach that has been pioneered by Grace Fellowship. (See Network 220). To obtain maximum benefit from the conference, Handbook to Happiness and The Ins and Out of Rejection, books by Dr. Solomon, should be read prior to attending.
This conference is offered as a live event in Tennessee and elsewhere (by invitation and sponsorship).  The cost for the local Tennessee conference is $50.00 pp, $75 per couple. One Conference notebook ($15.00 value) and refreshments are included. Alumni are welcome to return at half price. Register online (Events Calendar) or by calling GFI toll free at 1-888-66GRACE (or 865-429-0450). This conference is also available by DVD album, audio CD album and online videos (see below).
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Bogota Colombia Conference

Bogota, Colombia Conference

Online Edition of the Exchanged Life Conference 

Upon purchasing access to this Online Conference, the password for video access will be provided for unlimited use. This page features online videos of Dr. Charles Solomon and Dr. John Woodward alternating the teaching sessions. It is also available from the GFI store on DVD (2008).

The Exchanged Life Conference Online Video page is here (password needed): gracefellowshipinternational.com/conference-videos/

The student should have a copy of the accompanying notebook (hard copy, or PDF (which is included to download from the videos page)

The Christ is Life Conference 

This conference by Dr. John Woodward supplements the Exchanged Life Conference with a review of foundational teaching plus additional Christ-centered counseling/ discipleship topics. An accompanying workbook with diagrams and notes should be used with it (included with online edition). The conference is available in an audio CD album and online videos access.
Christ is Life Conference online videos page is here (password needed): Christ is Life online edition

The Classic Conference

This is a vintage video recording of Dr. Charles Solomon teaching the Exchanged Life Conference (1990). We retitled this edition Radical Christian Living.  It is available in a DVD album or as an online webinar. There is a corresponding earlier edition of the notebook that should be used with it. (This notebook is a separate item available in PDF or hard copy through this store; the PDF notebook is included with the online edition.) This is an on-demand webinar. With registration, instructions and password are given for unlimited online access.
Classic Conference (Radical Christian Living) online videos page is here (password needed): gracefellowshipinternational.com/classic-conference-videos/

Navigating the Recovery Journey

Love Them to Life and Tristate Bible College invited Grace Fellowship Int’l to present a recovery seminar based on Spiritotherapy model.  Videos from a later seminar in Minneapolis and the PDF notebook are available as an online webinar via the GFI store.
Navigating the Recovery Journey online videos page is here (password needed):