These Grace Fellowship International books are also available for purchase on as Kindle ebooks.  (For book details, look in our online store under “Books.”  Please go to and search by title + author’s last name. )

Charles R. Solomon

  • For Me To Live is Christ: A Study Guide on Handbook to Happiness
  • The Ins and Out of Rejection
  • The Rejection Syndrome
  • Handbook for Soldiers of the Cross: A Call to Arms for the Church
  • From Pastors to Pastors: Testimonies of Revitalized Ministries
  • Let Us Rise Up and Build…the Church
  • Through Whom Shall he Then Live? Soul Care or Soul Cure for the New Millennium
  • Discipling for Revival: Hope for the Church
  • The Dynamic Step in Discipleship: A Great (and Grace) Awakening
  • The Next Step? A Spiritual GPS (God’s Positioning System)
  • Revival Now: Dying to Live
  • Discipling the Desperate: The Spirit’s Ministry to Hurting believers
  • Conquering PTSD: Finding Victory Over the Aftermath of War
    (with Mark Miller)
  • Completing the Reformation
  • The Romans Road: From the Wilderness to Canaan

John Woodward

  • Blessed Reassurance: Finding Security in Christ
  • Man as Spirit, Soul and Body: A Study of Biblical Psychology

Phil Jones

  • How to Exchange Your Life for a New One

John Stevens

  • Suicide: An Illict Lover

Lee Turner

  • Grace Discipleship Course
  • Discover Your Riches in Christ
  • Discover Your Spiritual Gift
  • Understanding Grace: And How to Implement it in Your Life and Church
  • How to Control Your Emotions

Reginald Wallace

  • The New Life: Talks with Christians on Practical Victory

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