Exchanged Life Recovery Coach

This includes:

1: Exchanged Life Counselor Certification (See the Certification checklist here.)

2. Recovery Coach Specialization (See the course at

Start here:

Freedom From Addictive Behaviors Conference online videos and notebook (Mike & Julia Quarles)

Personal Ministry Practicum

40 hours of documented Recovery Coach ministry
This module is fulfilled at the student’s location. The Practicum Supervision fee
covers the monitoring of the trainee’s progress, Core Knowledge Review, and four supervisory phone sessions.

Additional Recommended Resources:


Counseling Through Your Bible and/or Counseling Keys (Hunt)
Freedom from Addiction workbook and One Day at a Time (Anderson and Quarles)
Grace Discipleship Course I,II* (Turner)
Grace Life Handbook (GMI)
They Found the Secret (Edman)


The Life seminar (Bill and Anabel Gillham)
Parable videos (Vine, Butterfly, Potter) (King)
The Pineapple Story, The Snake Story (Koning)


Day by Day by Grace daily e-devotionals (Hoekstra)
Grace Notes library
Treasures of Truth course
Fathers Loveletter, Journey Home to Love videos