Update from South Africa


Piet duToit and family

We are busy with our 5th seminar in our six week seminar tour in the Northern part of our country. Next week we will be visiting a church in the Kwazulu-Natal Province in the eastern part of South-Africa. It is a great pleasure for us to travel various parts of our country to visit different churches with the message of the Cross. The Christ-Cross Centered Counselling model gets more interest from congregations too.

The moment that people realize that they are living out of a wrong identity and that their self-centeredness are the actual problem, their spiritual eyes open to come to the Cross! Another “Wow” moment are when they hear and realize what really happened on the Cross, not what happened to Jesus on the Cross, but what happened to them in Him on the Cross!! Therefore, we can honestly report that we experienced lots of blessings during the last month while sharing this powerful message of the Cross.

…We pray God’s blessings over you and the Grace Fellowship International personnel. It is a great honor for us to be part of the GFI family.

Piet & Sylvia du Toit

Kuils River, South Africa.
Email: piet@lusanti.co.za

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