New Ministry in Canada

canadaTwo years ago Rob and Dottie joined the Grace Fellowship ministry team. Rob’s leadership has steered the course for a future vision to equip and empower front-line workers. The monthly e-letter has been one of his personal projects. The GFI board has supported his vision, projects and ministry while he was still living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

A few month ago Rob and Dottie moved back to Canada where they have lived for most of their lives. Looking at this as an opportunity, the board has commissioned Rob to launch a new division of GFI. This new division will be called Grace Fellowship Canada (GFC). Rob will continue to serve as an important team member under the GFI umbrella and he looks forward to closely collaborating with the board and staff on this initiative and future projects. Those who have received Grace Fellowship training and/or use our resources are invited to contact Rob and help cultivate the new British Columbia-based ministry.  You can follow his blog articles at

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