News from GFI affiliates in other nations

Nepal Mission Trip

Our East Africa Director, “Westin”, was greatly used of the Lord in a return trip to teach and equip believers with Christ centered counseling in Nepal.

Here is a glimpse of what the Lord did (as described in one of his reports):

On Thursday evening turned out to be an evening where the Holy Spirit moved into all the Students lives and powerfully entered into their new found Identity in Christ . There was a lot of laughter , joys and tears as they realized that they had to conduct their own funeral and enter into the joy of living out of their resources in Christ. It was a session that was difficult to stop because of the release of the presence of God .

In between the sessions I had several Counseling Sessions with a number of the Students that turned out to be transformational and many testified of God’s hand at work in their lives.

We had in attendance a young man  from Mid-Western Nepal that I led to Christ last year. He attended with his Pastor after you could tell that in this past year he had really grown spiritually . He came for the training and also for Water Baptism which took place today where we had Five Candidates being baptized.

We sampled a few testimonies with one coming from a lady pursuing her Masters in Divinity Program saying she had made up her mind that this training had confirmed the call of God upon her life and was going out there to use what she had learned. A Pastor whom I met last year… shared of the joy of going back to his family and Church a transformed life and vessel in the hands of God…

This trip required an estimated 2000 miles of travel in the country! Grace Fellowship’s international workers can be financially supported via GFI’s mission fund.

Renewal in South Africa

We just had a wonderful morning of quick fellowship with one of our trainees of many years ago. I think I have told you about him in the past. Drs, J. E. and his wife_____.

______’s [Her] life was changed dramatically by the Exchanged Life when we trained her and her team who are ministering to the homeless. After J______ saw the dramatic change in his wife, he wanted to know more. He invited us to train him and a cell group. During the training J______ had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and the old J_____ “died” (Luke 9:23).

Then he invited us to do the training with his elders. Now his whole church is based on the Exchanged Life (Gal. 2:20). He says that his whole ministry has changed and he now has a vision. The Exchanged Life is not just another course which can be ticked off as done.

He can now measure spiritual growth. He now knows what discipleship is. He now knows where other ministries fit in–after the Cross (Rom. 6:6-14) is applied. He has trained people in his church to carry the message of the Cross. His church is an example of how the Cross is the cornerstone and the message of a church. And his church is growing. It is not that he is interested in numbers, he wants people to know the Cross and as he says: “the Cross applied.”

He also started an English church, _____________ for the thousands of foreigners living in the Bellville area. This church is also growing…

Thank you again for sending [training materials] to us. It is of great value to all our trainees. When we go to Fish Hoek we will give it to Gordon to copy as well and also to our brother George.

Before we leave Cape Town we will invite all our co-workers from Cape Town and Surroundings and we will have a time of fellowship and thanking God. We will ask all the participants to give a short testimony of how God is using them. The aim is also to strengthen the network of all the ones who “died in Christ”. Wish you could all be here, We will let you know when it happens and we will make a video for you to see all your “offspring”.

We also had such good news from a young man Hendrik ministered to in Pretoria. He was in a big black hole and Hendrik kept on encouraging him and bringing him the Cross. Last night we heard that he has a steady job now and is a changed person. He wrote a poem to the Lord with Whom he is now totally in love with. As Amanda taught us: I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. When we move to Pretoria we will be close to him and be able to disciple him.

We praise God to be part of this glorious ministry. Many blessings and favour to you all.
Hendrik and Nehlsie

[They supported through GFI’s missions budget]

Update from Romania

Greetings from Romania,
I just come back from a preaching tour in Bucovina (North Romania and Ukraine).  I established with pastors there to begin a training with some potential leaders in exchanged life counseling and discipleship. Please pray for me to be efficient in this work. We are going to start in October of this year.
Say hello to the GFI team.
-Peter Mihent
(GFI Romania)

Internship in South Africa

Amanda W. attended the Grace Fellowship Conference and Workshop last March. To get more biblical counseling experience, she has gone to Grace Fellowship’s counselor/trainers in South Africa–Hendrick and Nehlsie DeBruto. God is transforming lives there through the Christ-centered personal ministry there. Pray for their work, known as “Curare.”  Nehlsie’s talk, Discovering God’s Role for Women is online here.

Nelsie_ANehlsie and Amanda

Video Testimony: Grace Counseling India

When Prof. John Zachariah visited Grace Fellowship in Tennessee we videotaped him recounting the way God led in the founding of Grace Counseling India. The conversation can be viewed at the GFI Online Channel here:

Grace Counseling India

This week Professor John Zachariah of Grace Counseling India visited GFI home base in Tennessee. It was good to renew fellowship and discuss the needs and opportunities of GCI. Their web site was just republished:  They request prayer for the couple who will be coming to candidate as resident staff of the GCI campus in Kottayam, Kerala. This ministry (and other international projects) can be financially supported through Grace Fellowship International by designated giving.


Brazil Fermatas Completed

The Lord blessed to Fermata pastoral care retreats in Brazil April 5-7 and 9-11, 2013. Pictures of the events have been posted to the GFI photo gallery:


Brazil Pastors’ Retreats


John Woodward will again be joining missionary leader, Edmund Spieker, to co-teach two “Fermata” spiritual clinic retreats in Brazil. These events are for pastoral couples to get away for rest, fellowship, and equipping. They are being held in Gramado and Lageado, Rio Grande do Sul (southeastern area), April 5-7 and April 9-11, 2013.

The pastors receive Handbook to Happiness (Portuguese translation) and a CD of other Exchanged Life resources. Intercession for this trip and those involved would be appreciated.

Photo from a previous Fermata:

Ministry Trip to Colombia Being Planned

 We have a major mission coming up the last week of June and the first week of July in Bogota, Colombia sponsored by Cenfol ministries ( Due to its size and strategic nature, we covet your prayer for the next 4 months.  They are planning for 500 the first week and 300-500 pastors for training the second week!  They have a presence in 15 countries, including a church in Madrid, Spain.  They want 1000 each of 4 of my books which I will have printed there, with translation now completed.  Both John and I will be going since I will be 83, and John will carry most of the responsibility.  Also, we are bringing a missionary from Peru who has had our training to assist us with speaking and translation.


Dr. Dan Riley, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Knoxville and board member, will be going, as well as a business man from Texas, who will make a presentation and also take his book into the male prisons. [He is the author of How to Be a Child of God.].  My translator from Spain may be coming as well.

Since all of Latin America could be affected, we are expecting major Satanic opposition, so both offensive and defensive prayer will be much needed!  We have been asking our Lord to open up the Church to the teaching of the cross [Galatians 2:20]; He has answered and begun with Latin America!!  Since I will be into my 84th year, I need prayer for physical as well as spiritual, strength.  It will be a blessing to know that our friends are praying before, during and after this major ministry outreach!

– Chuck Solomon