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Nepal Trip Report

Excerpts from the recent Mission to Nepal

…I am delighted to present my Mission to Nepal from 28th November to 21st December, 2012.

I was requested by Dr. Charles Solomon to travel to Nepal on his behalf in the month of September 2012 where he had been invited by Dr. Pastor Timothy Aryal, a brother he has known for over twenty years without physically meeting. Pastor Timothy has translated the Wheel and Line Tract into Nepalese. After three months of preparation that included prayer, fasting, physical training and reading, I flew out of Nairobi , Kenya on the 28th of November via Qatar and arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu – in Nepal on the 29th of November 2012.

…Nepal will remain a memorial in my life due to the culture shock that I came across. According to World Health Organization Kathmandu the Capital of Nepal is the dirtiest City in the World. This is evidenced right from the Airport upon arrival where you see dirt and the chaotic way taxis and Motorbikes jostle for Passengers. One has to wear masks due to high levels of pollution while walking, riding and driving in the city…Despite the fact that Nepal is the second richest Nation in the World after Brazil in water resources, with thousands of rivers flowing from the Himalayas, yet there is a great shortage of electricity. The population experiences power blackouts of ten to twelve hours a day. Water is available but a visitor has to take great care due to high levels of pollution.

It is said that Eight of the highest peaks are found in Nepal. Nepal has a population of between 25 and 30 million People. The Country has 50 Million Tourists (the number could be higher ) that visit annually. The majority come for pleasure and trekking. The average literacy rate is 39%…

Hinduism and Buddhism are the major regions will idols and shrines all over. In 2006 Nepal was declared a Secular State but these two major religions have a big influence on how the Country is run.


On the 29th of November I spoke in a House Fellowship. On the 30th November I visited Pastor Timothy at the Hospital he had been admitted and prayed for him.

On 1st of December I spoke in two services at Abundant Life Church…When I made an Altar Call tens of People responded for prayers touching different issues.

The training began on the 2nd to 7th of December in a Training Center located in a mountain range. Pastor Timothy had invited a number of Pastors and Christian Counselors that spoke and understood English from all over the Country. Thirty had indicated that they were coming but only eleven turned up. Due to his hospitalization it became difficult to do follow up with some failing to show up because of lack of finances.

The good thing is that the ones that attended came from different regions of the Country. Just to mention but two; one Pastor traveled for two days on a bus and one was a missionary serving in Nepal from Kerala in India.

I introduced G.F.I. and the God given vision and Mission on 2nd at night. On the 3rd in the morning we started marathon sessions beginning with the Conference…There several marked testimonies of transformation as the sessions went on, and by the time we were starting the Workshop in the last two days of the training it was evident that the training was not just equipping the them as Students, but a platform for their personal entry into experiencing their co-death, burial, resurrection and ascension with Jesus Christ.

One student testified and of wished that the training had come up earlier because a friend died due to emotional problems which she says, with the training she had received, she could have counseled with her.

A Pastor that traveled from a town towards India decided to go Change the name of His Church…after the message of the Cross became alive in him, he said he needed a name that will point at what the work of the Cross accomplished for him.

It is also worth noting that several evenings we trekked to share and pray on the ranges for Nepal and the Countries of the World. After a group photo we had lunch exchanged contacts before returning to our different destinations.

…After a treacherous drive through a mountainous road we arrived in Nawalparasi and after offloading our luggage we took to the road with The Wheel and Line Tracts in Nepalese to witness to Villagers who are known us the Indigenous tribe of Nepal.

We left for Simara District for on the 12th of December. While in Simara I conducted Water Baptism for Eleven Believers on the 12th, spoke in two services, ministered in several homes, invited to speak in two Schools. There are those who gave their lives and received physical healings after the ministry of the Word and Prayer. One Brother was overjoyed when his Hindu wife gave her life to Jesus after many years of waiting.

On 14th December I traveled to Janakpur District. Upon arrival in this town that is 10 Kilometers to India I almost broke down in tears because of desperation I met on the ground; I looked and met high levels of poverty I had never seen in life. I thought I had seen it all until I boarded a very old bus to continue to my destination in a village that is three Kilometers from India. The bus had some Passengers sitting on top because there was no more space on the inside. It was saddening seeing young girls from Nine years of age married as wives. Many spend their time on Paddy Farms (Rice Farms ), looking malnourished and weak . It was too heartbreaking to behold.

…Our host, who is a teacher by profession, is a bold minister of the Gospel. Through him a whole Community responding to the message of the Cross, not mentioning the Chairman of the Committee who has donated land for the construction of a Church.

We held a Church Service on the 15th that was attended by a good number of people. After speaking in a Church service that was conducted in our Host’s compound we took Motorbikes and hit the dusty road that leads to India. We made many stops in the Villages, markets and Business Premises that are owned by People known to our host.

It was joy seeing a number give their lives to Jesus with one young who was driving a tractor. Upon sharing with him the word of God, he without resisting gave his life to Christ, then proceeded with his journey. Thereafter we travelled to the Border with India where we were allowed to only after the Bridge that connected the two Countries.

On the 16th we traveled back to Simara where I spoke in my last night service that we witnessed deliverance in Peoples lives. I actually cast out demons from two Ladies. There was joy and celebration after these two were delivered. Many others after seeing what the Lord had done came forward to be prayed for over various ailments. Many pleaded that I should extend my stay but I told them I had to leave for Kathmandu to prepare to fly back to Kenya.

I returned to Kathmandu on the 17th and spoke to the Leadership of Abundant Life Church in the evening. On the 18th and 19th I visited several families to minister to people with various needs that required prayer. In one of the visits it was joy witnessing a Hindu Lady who had laid sick in bed for a year give her life to Christ. On both days I also spoke in two house Fellowship. On 20th we had our last fellowship with Pastor Timothy’s family before being escorted to the Airport for my flight back home, carrying a lot of memories with me.

…Once again with humility am sincerely grateful for according me the opportunity to represent all of you in Nepal. I believe that Jesus was glorified in Nepal. All glory and honor I give to God our Father,

– “Westin”

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Mission to Nepal

Update from GFI missionary in east Africa:

It gives me great pleasure in writing just before I depart for Nepal to a ministry program that I believe will open up the Asia Continent for further ministry in the days that lie ahead.

The Lord has continued to glorify Himself in the ministry this end with numerous lives being transformed in Counseling sessions and from the Pulpit. To testify just a little of a young widow that the husband passed on and left her pregnant. After the burial of her husband she was rejected by her in-laws. After fruitless attempts for peace and reconciliation she sought for spiritual support from me. As the only single daughter to a her mother life suddenly had taken a turn for the worse and she was not sure if her pregnancy was going to pull through. I shared with her about the need of resigning all to the Lord and embracing her new identity in Christ. She willing surrendered and what followed was tremendous peace that she had not known. Last month she gave birth to twins a baby girl and boy-Hallelujah! She called me at the Hospital asking that I go dedicate the babies to the Lord before anyone else could lay their hands on them. There was a lot of joy and celebration and the Lord continues to do amazing work in her life each new day. I visited with her this week and she and the babies are doing pretty well. She knows and testifies that the Lord is a defender of the widows and will finally vindicate her by carrying through the storm.

…I’m currently ministering to well known media personalities from Kenya’s largest Media Group. Upon my return from Nepal I will participate in ministering to their Staff during their time of Devotion. I presented a Bible to one of them and he later text me and said it was the first time he was receiving a Bible as a gift and was not ashamed to read and carry it all over including his office. This a man that interviews Heads of States and other high placed Persons from different Nations including Kenya. I see the Lord bringing many of them into the Kingdom.

Time has finally come for me to depart for Nepal on the 28th of November. A lot has been put in to enable me get to that nation and back to which am first grateful to the Lord, to the GFI family, and all our Supporters. Am in touch with Pastor T____ who senses that the Lord will visit His people. I sense the same as I pray, read, and do my physical exercise because my final will entail doing Trek Evangelism on the Himalayas. I trust that we will have internet services so that I file all that will be taking place there.

The Lord richly bless you all in ways that will daily amaze all of us. Receive lots of love from us all. -“Westin”



Training Event in Nepal

We now have our first GFI training scheduled for Nepal the first week of December, 2012.  Our East African director, Westin, will be conducting the conference and workshop with invited pastors from all over the country.  Dr. Timothy Aryal is sponsoring it and translated the Wheel and Line tract; we have printed 20,000 copies which have been widely distributed through 5 main points.

Dr. Aryal teaches psychology in university and  pastors a church.  He is ready to begin a counseling/training center using our approach;  his wife is also a trained counselor.  In addition to his native tongue, Dr. Aryal also speaks Hindi which will enable him to do training in northern India.  Such training in this strategic area could be the launching of training in southeast Asia; much prayer is needed for the moving of the Holy Spirit in Nepal and  beyond.  Nepali is also spoken in Bhutan, a nearby country.  Thank you for holding this mission up in prayer as well as our support base here in the States.

Ministry in Malawi

A field report from Emmanuel Zgambo:

Ever since I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I tried to live the Christian life with my own strength.  Trying to be good in my own understanding and ways.  But I  noticed that I always failed and was lacking peace.  I always felt insecure about my salvation, and that I would lose it.  Sadly, there are still many Christians here in Northern Malawi that are still in the same situation.

When I started learning about the Exchanged Life [Gal. 2:20], I started laying down everything of me for everything of Christ.  Then I started experiencing a peace that cannot be explained but would best be experienced.  I now, after learning about the Exchanged Life, no longer strive but just abide in Christ and there in Christ I find fulfillment.  By allowing Christ to live His life through me, I now rest from trying to live it by myself and my own power.  I no longer live in fear of death or failure because I have learnt that this life that I have is not about me but about Christ who is in me.  Knowing this gives me a lot of fulfillment.

I realize that no matter how gifted I may be, or possessions I may have, it is only in Christ that I am complete.  Any self worth that comes from anything else apart from Christ is living a lie.  The Exchanged Life materials have greatly transformed my life.

All this has helped in the work that I do for the Lord here in Northern Malawi.  I am involved in training pastors and church leaders in Explosive Growth Discipleship Making and Coaching Discipleship Trainers, Training Life Group Leaders, and also doing One on One Discipleship [through Dynamic Churches International resources].  I am also leading a movement of Christians that is evangelising the unreached parts of Northern Malawi and putting the new Christians into Life Groups where they learn the Word of God together.

I am very grateful for your ministry [through Canadian co-workers, Hans and Elly Timmermans].

GF India Meeting

I was working on the agenda for the Annual general Body meeting of GCI till now. I have to sleep for two and a half hours before I get up to start for the meeting. For the travel convenience of PPT, we have arranged the meeting at Tiruvalla.

Also we have a half day seminar with Dr. Alex Mathew giving a talk on “Therapeutic Alliance in Christian Counseling.”  25 friends are planning to attend the seminar including one or two persons encouraged by our Indian friends in USA to whom I had sent the brochure. That is great. Pray for the blessings in both the meetings. We plan to give lunch to all. No fees is charged. If the participants are guided by the Lord, let them contribute.

God bless you all.

“…..Become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.”                1 Cor.9:22

“How hard are we prepared to work without counting the cost for the sake of the gospel? How generous are we in givng to those who give their lives to form Chrsit’s life in us?” Quotes from EWG

Prof. John Zachariah <>

[designated support to GFI India can be sent via GFI Tennessee]

Endorsement from South Africa


… I want to write and tell you that GFI and in particular yourself, have always had and will always continue to have, my total and unconditional love, support and blessing in every way possible.

In all my seventy-one years of life, I have never come across a more truthfully accurate, more powerful, more Holy-Spirit-filled, more Christ-centred, more blessed, more liberating, more victorious and more anointed message than the message promoted by yourself and by GFI through you, that “I have been crucified with Christ, that I no longer live, but that Christ lives in me and that the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in, and of, the Son of God Who loved me and Who gave Himself for me.”

I have also in over ten years of involvement in Christian Counselling, not come across a more dynamically liberating, more anointed of God, and more successful method of counselling than the precept taught by GFI and by yourself, that the Holy Spirit is “The Counsellor” and not I.

I have had the privilege, the blessing, and the satisfaction of seeing the Holy Spirit, the “Wonderful Counsellor,” set many, many people free and have experienced the great joy of watching many people’s lives being radically and totally changed from the moment that they let go of the “self-life” (that is, letting it go to the cross of Jesus where it belongs) and allowing the indwelling Christ and the blessed Holy Spirit to set them free and usher them into the eternal life of their true identity “in Christ Jesus.”

I have also come to understand that the major problem in strained relationships. and particularly in marriages. is that invariably one of the parties (and sometimes even both) has a desire to change the other party in some or other way (to make them conform to their own expectations), not realising that it is IMPOSSIBLE, TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for any one person ever, to change any other person. It just simply will not happen because it cannot happen. It is truly impossible. I do not believe that one is even capable of changing one’s own self, even if one had the good sense to try to do so. This is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit alone.

I have seen demonstrated over and over again, that it is ONLY the Holy Spirit Who can effectively change any living person. It is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit, and I have had the privilege and great blessing of seeing a number of people during counselling change almost visibly right in front of my eyes, as and when they suddenly “hear” and give heed to the Holy Spirit within. I have observed facial expressions, people’s entire countenances, change visibly before my eyes as they suddenly “let go” and allow the self-life to take up its rightful place in being baptised (immersed) into Christ’s crucifixion on the cross of Calvary, and thereby (Romans 6:3-8) also being baptised into His resurrection.

Chuck [Solomon], this “exchanged life” message is without any shadow of doubt, the most anointed, most successful, most liberating and most life-changing message that I have ever had the privilege and great blessing of coming across and I honour you and support wholeheartedly your decision to keep this precious God-given and God-anointed message pure and unsullied in GFI…

As for me and my household, we will follow faithfully and steadfastly in the anointed, God-given pattern which you have shown us and we will support you unfailingly and joyfully and gratefully in ever decision you make.

May God continue to bless you, provide for you and care for you, your entire family, GFI, all staff members, every single person involved in any part of your or the GFI ministry and you will always be in our prayers and we, with thankful hearts, praise our wonderful Father God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for setting us free by and through what we have learned and received from your hand over the years.

With all our love and blessings,
Gordon and Marcy A.

Tracts distributed in the Nepali language

GFI USA received some Wheel & Line tracts in Nepali; an associate revised the translation and printed 20,000 for distribution there. We just mailed some to a Nepali refugee church in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. God bless them! Over 40 translations of the tract are available to download and share:

Nepali translation

Tract in Nepali

Dr. Timothy has revised the translation of “The Wheel and Line” tract into Nepali.

Tract in Nepali

It is available for free download at May God bless the 15,000 copies that are being printed for use in that region.

Tract Translation Projects

Perfecto Mumar, a GFI missionary in the Philippines, is ready to print the Wheel and Line tract in Tagalog. $300 will be needed to provide 6000 copies.

In Nepal, T. is completing the editing the GFI tract. He wrote an introduction and simplified it to make it more user friendly in a non-Christian environment. He can get 10,000 copies for $300. He will be training people for Nepal and Bhutan; he is also fluent in Hindi so he could expand and do some training in India in the future… He is planning a counseling/training center there, and I believe his wife is also trained in counseling; he now has a Ph.D. in psychology and teaches in university and pastors a church.

The church in Burundi wants [GFI staff member] to come and conduct a crusade there next month…. I am hoping he could combine that with a trip to Rwanda to reduce the travel expense.

Martin in Myanmar wants to print the GFI tract in his first language, Mizo (he already has it translated), but only 60,000 speak that language; and we have it in Burmese. However, if we get an excellent contact in Mizoram, a bordering state in India, it might be strategic to have it in the language. Mizoram is the Mizo kingdom with about 1 million speaking the language. Martin is still trying to get it translated in Lao which is the only language lacking on the southeast Asia peninsula.

International tracts are available online at

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