This is a landing page for the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Canada.
It is provided courtesy of Grace Fellowship International as follow up to the Regional Conference of Feb. 15,16, 2019.

Regional conference Feb. 15,16, 2019 – Saskatoon

Session notes of the conference: JBW PACCP notes

PowerPoint of the conference: JBW_PACCP ppt

Audio recordings of the Conference:

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5

Supplementary short videos shown:

Fathers Love Letter
Anna’s Testimony
The Gospel (Eric Ludy)
Bill Loveless’ Testimony (see below)

The Wheel and Line diagrams and “The Castle” are in online PowerPoint presentations here (and under “Resources”).

Canadian contacts for this model:

Rob Clogg (GFI Canada/Surrey, BC)
Jodi Bryant (PACCP /Saskatoon, SK)
Ross Gilbert, Don Higgins (Crossways to Life/ Kitchener,ON)
Dallas Bergen (Crossnet / Calgary,AB)
Con and Leona Peters (Life Discipleship / Medicine Hat, AB)

Books on the book table are available on this site’s GFI’s store. Some of the resources are also available as Kindle ebooks on Handbook to Happiness and The Ins and Out of Rejection (Solomon), Man as Spirit Soul and Body, Blessed Reassurance (Woodward), and Beside Still Waters (Freeman).


John Woodward’s blogs:

Weekly devotional email archive: 
The spiritual, psychological, and physical dimensions of man:
Daily Devotionals and other resources for Discipleship Counselors:

Dr Solomon’s Radical Christian Living video Conference (1990) ($25.00 access fee via GFI store provides password)

Dramatised Spirituotherapy Interview with Dr. Solomon. For online video download, see GFI store.

Actual counseling series by Lee LeFebre: 9 downloadable videos – “The Two Lives of Marie Marshall

Two free, self-paced courses: The Wheel & Line, and For Me to Live is Christ. Create a free account to take them at

Freedom from Addiction: GFI’s Recovery Coach track’s books and videos


A proposal document for “contextualisation” as a guiding principle in the use of observable psychology: Psychology_contextualization_JBW

Four Phases of Discipleship Counseling: 4 phases JBW

Scripture Memory Outline based on the Four Phases: Scripture_Memory_Project

Recommended resources

Downloadable animated video: How to be a Child of God (evangelism and abundant Life) by David Howell

Free one-to-one Bible studies and small group equipping: (Alberta)

The Pineapple Story, video by Otto Koning –

Grace-oriented Marital guidance: Nancy Missler’s Why Should I Be the First to Change? Bill Gillham’s He Said, She Said (book) The Life (DVD seminar)

Be Still Music: piano music by Nona Hovey, with narration–free and downloadable






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