Testimony and Prayer Request

Hi Catherine,

I am the guy who came by the office to visit your dad [Chuck Solomon] some time ago and he autographed a copy of the Handbook for me. I didn’t have money for the book at the time but your dad was gracious enough to give me a copy which I paid for later.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing is because I must share a little of my testimony with you and your dad. I was married to one lady for thirty years who recently divorced me. I hurt really bad, and still do, but I just wanted to let you know how great our God Is. Since that unhealthy relationship ended, it’s as if God has taken full control of my life and become closer than any friend can be. The deeper my pain, the deeper His grace.

I have sons who haven’t spoken to me in over nine months. I have recently reconnected with both of them and it has been a miracle. They both went on a long awaited vacation with their dad and our time together was awesome. God literally parted the Red Sea in what seemed like impossible circumstances. We just have one more person to come back to complete this wonderful new thing that God is doing. I am believing and claiming in Jesus’ name that God is going to do something new in my ex wife’s heart, because He is the God of the impossible. Will you pray and believe with me?. . . I love you guys and God bless. . .

[name withheld]

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