Handbook to Happiness: Testimonies

We have had more encouraging testimonies about Handbook to Happiness this past month.

Jenny H. called us to order more books to give to people she has been sharing with. She told us about her “Silver Sneakers” exercise class in Washington. Her instructor had confided in the class that she had been estranged from her father for years. To make matters worse, he had a terminal illness, was in hospice care, yet they still were not on speaking terms.

Handbook_to_Happiness_CJenny asked the instructor if she would read a book that could be of help to her. At first she was reluctant to accept it, then she was given a copy of Handbook. Weeks later Jenny’s class had a get together where the instructor informed the group about developments in her life. She testified that Jenny had given her a book that had changed her life! She had such a spiritual breakthrough that she was able to reconcile with her father. Not long before he died they spent an unforgettable day together, crying, sharing, and making things right. After his passing, the instructor wanted to get more copies of Handbook to share her new-found peace and joy with others! Praise the Lord.

We were reminded of this episode when Cathy Solomon shared the following incident from her exercise class:

“After being in water aerobics for over a year, my instructor asked me last night where I worked.  I replied Grace Fellowship International, a Christian counseling ministry here in Pigeon Forge.  She asked if we had an office in Nashville and told me that her mom was suicidal awhile back and they took her to a Grace Fellowship office in Nashville, because that was the closest office.  I told her that most of the offices around the US were started by people trained by my dad.  She stated that they got a blue book.  And I told her it was Handbook to Happiness.  She said that they had a red book too.  And I told her it was Ins and Out of Rejection.  She asked my dad’s name and I told her Charles Solomon.  She got excited and said ‘Yes, that’s the name of the author!’  Her mom still has some health issues today due to aging, but God took the suicidal thoughts away!  Praise the Lord!”

Let’s give thanks for how God uses His Word and the GFI literature to lead people to know Jesus as Savior, Lord, and Life.

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