Testimony: Grace Awakening

We greet you in the Name of our Saviour, Friend,Brother and Bridegroom! It pleased FATHER to reveal HIS SON in us about 5 years ago. He used Piet du Toit and last year HE continued HIS work through Hendrik and Nehlsie du Bruto who took us through the Exchanged Life seminar. We started to go through the seminar again at our cell group when they left, and we are doing it for the second time…drinking the truth and the SPIRIT OF TRUTH is ‘de-programming’ and ‘reprogramming’ us so that Romans 12:2 works in us, and Galatians 2:20 becomes our daily walk.

So many things have fallen into place. The HOLY SPIRIT is revealing CHRIST IN us and illuminating HIS LIFE IN us…HALLELUJAH! We are doing the internship at Curare institute, and while we are changed, FATHER uses us by CHRIST living through us. We thank FATHER for capturing your heart and the way HE has taken hold of Dr Solomon.

A. and A. (South Africa)

(from In Christ Jesus, by A.T. Pierson)

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