Solomon School Lecture Series Online


This online instruction features over 25 lectures on various topics related to Christ-Centered Soul Care. Topics include: Overview of Spirituotherapy, Determining a Counseling Model, Rejection and Identity in Counseling, Four Phases of Discipleship/Counseling, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Counseling, Man as Spirit, Soul, and Body, Counseling Skills, Distinctives of Spirituotherapy, The Control Issue, Overcoming Hindrances in the Counseling Process, The Freedom in Christ Process, Overcoming Legalism, Exchanged Life Marriage Counseling, Homework in Counseling,  Lessons from Alumni, My Journey to Christ-Centered Counseling, Biblical Exposition: How to Abide in Christ, Biblical Exposition: Jesus–The Indwelling Christ, The Role of Small Groups, Exchanged Life Youth Ministry, Exchanged Life Ministry in the Local Church, The Who of Counseling, A Survey of Romans 6-7, Counseling in the Last Days, Teaching Exchanged Life Living, Exchanged Life and Missions, The Case for Truth in Christian Counseling. More than ten instructors are featured, including Dr. Charles Solomon, Dr. John Woodward, and Dr. Phil Jones.

Learn more about this online equipping opportunity that is valuable for pastors, counselors, youth workers and all people helpers. Registration is available through the GFI online store here.

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