Certified Exchanged Life Counselor

Steps to Certification
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GFI Equipping Modules

Exchanged Life Conference: 1.5 days (available live, on DVD, or online)

Spirituotherapy Workshop: 3.5 days (training event held in Pigeon Forge, TN in March, August, and November)

Solomon School Online Lecture Series: 25 video lectures with PDF notes (site license available)

Required Reading

Handbook to Happiness* (Solomon)

The Ins and Out of Rejection* (Solomon)

For Me to Live is Christ* (Solomon)

How to Exchange Your Life for a New One* (Jones)

Handbook for Christ-Centered Counseling* (Solomon)

Man as Spirit, Soul and Body* (Woodward)

The New Life* (Wallis)

Discipling the Desperate* (Solomon) or Exchanged Lives (Best)

When Friends Ask for Help* (Sala)

The Bondage Breaker (Anderson) or Toward a Deeper Walk (Warner)

The Normal Christian Life (Nee) or Bone of His Bone (Huegel)

Absolute Surrender (Murray) or Victory in Christ (Trumbull)

Required Audio/Video

Christ is Life Conference 8 audio sessions – audio (Woodward / GFI)

The Two Lives of Marie Marshall  9 video sessions (LeFebre / The Life Bookstore)

Personal Ministry Practicum

40 hours of documented discipleship counseling
This module is fulfilled at the student’s location. The Practicum Supervision fee
covers the monitoring of the trainee’s progress, Core Knowledge Review, and four supervisory phone sessions.

Certification ELC Checklist (PDF):  Certification ELC checklist

Certification Costs Summary (PDF):  GFI Certification Costs

*Resources available through the Grace Fellowship International store

For the Certification track for Recovery Coach, click here.

Additional Recommended Resources:


Blessed Reassurance* (Woodward)
Counseling Through Your Bible and/or Counseling Keys (Hunt) Hopefortheheart.org
Gems and Jargon* (Solomon)
Freedom from Addiction workbook and/or One Day at a Time (Anderson and Quarles)
Grace Discipleship Course I,II* (Turner)
The Healthy Christian Life (Minirth et. al)
They Found the Secret (Edman)


The Life seminar (Bill and Anabel Gillham) lifetime.org
Parable videos (Vine, Butterfly, Potter) (King) ChristianVideos.net
The Pineapple Story, The Snake Story (Koning) iblp.org


Day by Day by Grace daily e-devotionals (Hoekstra) livinginChrist.org
Grace Notes library  GraceNotebook.com
Treasures of Truth course  well-of-life.org
Counseling God’s Way course  livinginChrist.org
Fathers Loveletter, Journey Home to Love videos Fathersloveletter.com

Although this certification is valuable, the primary credential of Christian counseling is the fruit of transformed lives. Some are documented in GFI books such as Discipling the Desperate and From Pastors to Pastors: Testimonies of Revitalized Ministries. Also see the media section (audio and video) for testimonies of how the Holy Spirit continues Christ’s ministry of healing and liberation through His ambassadors.

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