The Solomon Online Lecture Series: Exchanged Life Counselor Edition

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This is an online module designed for those who desire further equipping to minister to the needs of hurting people. Pastors, missionaries, counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and lay people, can all profit by this lecture series. The Series is named after Dr. Charles Solomon, founder of GFI and pioneer of Exchanged Life Counseling. The Exchanged Life Conference is a prerequisite, and most who register for this online series do so after attending the Spirituotherapy Workshop. These online lectures are viewed at one’s own pace without time restriction.

Ideally, those who take this series will continue in the Exchanged Life Counseling Certification process. This is the third (of three) modules required for certification . After registering for this module (by phone or via online store), the required password is provided. Then the series videos and PDF notes can be accessed at these pages:

Solomon School Lecture Series page – Part 1

Solomon School Lecture Series page – Part 2

Solomon School Lecture Series page – Part 3

Solomon School Lecture Series page – Conclusion (free access)

This module has two track options: Exchanged Life Counselor (this page) and Recovery Coach.
For the Recovery Coach Series, please click here.

Speakers include: Dr. Charles Solomon, Dr. John Woodward, Mrs. Gail Davault, Mr. Glen Dean, Dr. Phil Jones, Dr. Lewis Gregory, Rev. Stoney Shaw, Rev. Paul Travis, Rev. Jeff Black, Rev. David Trent
The live Solomon School was conducted in March and November in Tennessee 2002-2012.
The Lecture Series  includes over 25 video lectures and notes. Tuition is $325. A spouse may audit the module at no additional cost, or get credit for an additional $100.00 fee. To inquire and register, contact Dr. John Woodward:  [email protected]Prerequisites: GFI Exchanged Life Conference (live or via media). Books read: Handbook to HappinessThe Ins and Out of Rejection, and Handbook for Christ-Centered Counseling. These are all authored by Dr. Solomon and available from GFI. If you register for the Spirituotherapy Workshop and Solomon School at the same time, the GFI Conference is free (as a live event or online). Students may inquire about attending the Conference, Workshop and Solomon School for practicum credit at Luther Rice Seminary and University. Please contact Dr. Ron Cobb at LRU.
Ministries that are developing teams of biblical counselors have the option of purchasing a site license for this module for a one time fee of $975.00. With this arrangement, the team members will have access to the content at no cost to them personally, and the team can view and discuss the video lectures together. To discuss and/or request this site license, please call GFI at 865-429-0450.

Some comments from alumni3_12_event

What I found most helpful:
  • “How to incorporate the material in the counseling arena to help people to freedom and liberation.”
  • “Fellowship with others.
  • “It helped me to see how the entire counseling process works.”
  • “Distinctives of exchanged life counseling.”
  • “The Biblical references and interactions among people. I love this training. Please have more advanced training.”
  • “The understanding of Spirituotherapy, learning how it can be applied in the entire church ministry, from children through senior adults. Extremely blessed and spiritually challenging.”
  • “Presentations by leaders teaching exchanged life. Excellent training and resources.”
  • “The attitude of the teachers. I most appreciate the gentle kindness.”
  • “It ALL was extremely helpful.”
“This was the best training I have ever received … God has brought me here this week and shown me my true identity in Christ – His Life, His Cross, His resurrection, and His glory! I know who I am as a Christian and pastor: I am not Calvinist, Armenian, Reformed, or Emergent – I am HIS. I am a son of the King. I am who He is and will be everything He wills for me to be as I continue in total surrender to His purposes of grace.””In both School and Workshop, John and Chuck are great compliments to each other. By the end of the week, I had a much greater understanding of the material and theology behind it.”
“This course was life-changing and excellent! Lord willing, we’ll be back.”

Registration for this module is $325 and can be processed by the GFI online store here or by phoning 865-429-0450.